Visiting Grand Canyon's East Canyon

Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon East

Horseshoe Bend, located just 7 miles up river from the actual beginning of Grand Canyon National Park, is fast becoming a MUST VISIT location. The intimate canyon feeling you gain while having your picture taken in front of the Colorado River can’t be beat! An under appreciated attraction on the East end of the Grand Canyon is the Little Colorado River Tribal Park on the Navajo Nation. The view down into the Little Colorado River from the main parking lot is one you will never forget.

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Annual Flooding of Grand Canyon

Release Scheduled for 2014 If you will be in the East Rim area during the next couple of days (November 11 to 13th) you may be able to witness the release of water from Glen Canyon Dam that will flood the

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What Is Grand Canyon East?

Grand Canyon East Rim Defined The Grand Canyon is essentially a huge rift in the earth extending about 277 miles (446 kilometers) from east to west.  Grand Canyon East is NOT a definition used by the National Park Service.  It

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Rainbow Bridge National Monument

How To See Rainbow Bridge Do you have another exciting day to spend in the Page/Lake Powell area? Why not choose to visit Rainbow Bridge? This National Monument is located up-lake from Page on the Utah side of the lake

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Things To Do – East

Attractions | Hiking | Camping | Whitewater Rafting | Water Sports ATTRACTIONS Little Colorado River Tribal Park – Located at the junction of Highway 89 and Highway 64 in Cameron, Arizona and on the path to the Grand Canyon, stop and see the Little Colorado River Tribal

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East Weather

The weather on the East end of the Grand Canyon is for the Marble Canyon, Lee’s Ferry & Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend area.

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Page – Lake Powell, Arizona

In 1957, the Bureau of Reclamation chose a remote, isolated corner of Northern Arizona as the site of its most ambitious project to date. A reservoir was needed, not only as a source of hydroelectric power, but as a means to

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Cameron, Arizona

The Cameron Trading Post One thing you’ve probably discovered about the Grand Canyon is that there’s no quick way to get across it – you’ve got to drivearound it!  That very fact no doubt perturbed would-be travelers, settlers and entrepreneurs back

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