Experience Antelope Canyon from Vegas

Now you can experience Antelope Canyon AND Horseshoe Bend in one convenient day from your Hotel in Las Vegas. The Antelope Canyon Expedition will take you from Las Vegas over the Northern Regions of Arizona to magical Antelope Canyon. After you experience Antelope Canyon with your Navajo Guide on Chief Tsosie’s Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, you will then be taken to Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona.

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For Reservations, please call:
Local: (702) 638-3300
Toll Free: (800) 634-6801

Antelope Canyon Expedition - Twin Otter airplane
Antelope Canyon Expedition - Caravan airplane
  • Pick-up and Drop-off at Your Hotel
  • Airplane flight to Page, Arizona
  • Inspiring views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Northern Arizona, Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell
  • Ken’s Navajo Guided tour of Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Moderate 3/4 Mile hike to world renowned Horseshoe Bend
  • You’ll take Great Photo’s of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend
  • Light Lunch included

What Can I expect in Lower Antelope Canyon?

Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Guides will guide you through the amazing wonder of Antelope Canyon. They will provide you with the secret knowledge of photographing the beams and dance with the sand. We will have little chance to be alone in the Canyon on this tour, but this tour is a photographic extravaganza. Highly renowned and sought by world-wide visitors daily!

What Can I expect at Horseshoe Bend?

Many people have referred to Horseshoe Bend as an intimate Grand Canyon experience. It is technically 7 miles up the Colorado River from Mile 0 of the Grand Canyon, however, it is that majestic, wide-open expanse of an ancient sandstone canyon where you can take your picture with the river in the background. It is located just outside of Page, Arizona. There is a 3/4 mile trail to Horseshoe Bend from the parking lot where your Guide will take you to visit Horseshoe Bend. It is one of the most spectacular views of the Colorado River and Glen Canyon that you can experience. It is unforgettable!

What should You Bring?

  • Bring Your I.D. – All passengers must have government issued forms of identification.
  • Be sure to book your tour as soon as you can – Lower Antelope Canyon books up early each year!
  • Don’t forget your Camera! Cameras and Smartphones are highly encouraged. However, “Selfie Sticks” are NOT ALLOWED to be used IN and AROUND the Aircraft.
  • Water: You can bring water, however, it is NOT ALLOWED to be opened IN the Aircraft.
  • What should you wear? In the Summer, summer attire is appropriate as we are in Nevada and Northern Arizona. Layered clothing is recommended in the Spring, from Mid-March to May. Winter clothing should be worn from October to Mid-March.
  • Footwear? It is sandy when you are hiking through Lower Antelope Canyon and there is sand and gravel on the trail out to Horseshoe Bend. We DO NOT recommend high heeled or Dress Shoes…think hiking shoes: sneakers, boots, close toed flip flops…

Antelope Canyon Expedition Tour Itinerary:

Tour Duration: 10-11 Hours Hotel to Hotel

  • Passengers are picked up from most major Las Vegas Hotels
  • Check-In at the Tour Terminal
  • Enjoy an Airplane flight to Page, Arizona
  • Enjoy a Light Lunch
  • Take a guided tour of Lower Antelope Canyon by Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours
  • Enjoy a 3/4 mile hike out to world renowned Horseshoe Bend
  • Enjoy your Return Airplane flight from Page, Arizona
  • Be Transferred back to most major Las Vegas Hotels
Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines Logo 2015

For Reservations, please call:
Local: (702) 638-3300
Toll Free: (800) 634-6801