Which Antelope Canyon Tour is Best?

  • Upper Antelope is the original slot canyon where the great photo’s spread the word and which means you will have the authoritative photo’s to post on your Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • Lower Antelope is the more adventurous cave like slot canyon which gives you a more intimate experience and means that you will be able to more closely feel the red canyon walls while in the canyon. 
  • The Antelope Canyon Boat Tour takes you into the Lake Powell tributary of Antelope Canyon which means you are where Antelope Canyon originally poured into the Colorado River that continues to carve Grand Canyon to this day.

Antelope Canyon has become the Bucket List item that visitors to the Grand Canyon area have now put on their “must see” checklist. It is a formation known locally as a “slot canyon.” It resembles a cave without a roof, Antelope Canyon is a dreamlike landscape of other worldy shapes, constantly changing colors and moving shafts of sunlight. Antelope Canyon Tours are very popular and must be booked in advance now.

From Page, Arizona

The Original Antelope Canyon Tour operator located on Main Street in Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon Tours also operates the Antelope Canyon Tour portion of the Antelope Canyon with Rafting Tour below from the Grand Canyon. This is the World’s #1 sought after Slot Canyon here in the Southwest located on the Navajo Nation and it’s located near Horseshoe Bend.

Antelope Slot Canyon Tours offers you the World’s #1 Slot Canyon in Air Conditioned comfort and style in their All New Luxury Vans.

AntelopeCanyon.AZ can help you with Combo Tours and the Antelope Canyon Boat Tour when you visit the World’s #1 Slot Canyon. You will see all the Options you have when visiting this beautiful part of the World. There are more options than you may be currently considering. Jump on over to AntelopeCanyon.AZ and learn more.

Hike through Upper Antelope Canyon and then take the Horseshoe Bend & Lake Powell Adventures air tour to see it all while visiting Page, Arizona.

Take a Helicopter Tour to the Top of Tower Butte and then over Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend…and also enjoy Upper Antelope Canyon. This is a great way to see it all from the Ground and from the Air by Helicopter.

From Grand Canyon & Flagstaff/Sedona

Antelope Canyon With Rafting Button

Antelope Canyon with Rafting

-From Grand Canyon
Northern Arizona's greatest hidden value is the Antelope Canyon with Rafting Tour that takes you over Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell to Antelope Canyon.

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Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

-From Flagstaff/Sedona
Now Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend are easily accessible to you on this day tour with Grand Canyon Adventures. This is a perfect addition to your Grand Canyon Vacation. They also offer a Half Day Grand Canyon Tour too.

From Las Vegas

Antelope Canyon Expedition from Vegas

The Antelope Canyon Expedition

Now you can experience Horseshoe Bend AND Antelope Canyon easily from Las Vegas in one convenient day. You can be picked up from your Hotel, enjoy an air tour over Lake Mead, on the North side of the Grand Canyon, and Marble Canyon as you fly into Page, Arizona. You can make this a memorable part of your Las Vegas vacation.