Visiting Grand Canyon's West Canyon

West Planning

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is located at Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Tribal lands. Click here  for the Grand Canyon Skywalk price, tickets and address. Temperatures in the summer are warmer than at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. However, for those with less time or inclination to go all the way to the South Rim, Grand Canyon West is your closest Grand Canyon vacation experience to the Las Vegas area. You can click here for how to drive to grand canyon skywalk from las vegas.

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Grand Canyon West Tours

Grand Canyon West
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The Road to Grand Canyon West

Road to Skywalk is paved! Have you heard that the road to Grand Canyon West where the Skywalk is located is not paved?  People chatting with me frequently have been told that the road is to be avoided because of the

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The Cabins at Grand Canyon West

Are you planning to drive to the Skywalk?  Do you want to do more than take a day trip?  Maybe you should consider staying at the cabins at Grand Canyon West; at the Hualapai Ranch, in fact.  These cabins are

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Need To Know – Grand Canyon West

Location & Directions | Open & Close | Entrance Packages & Parking Please note that paving of the road to Grand Canyon West is complete.  Location & Directions: Grand Canyon West is located in northwest corner of Arizona and can be

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Things To Do Grand Canyon West

Sightseeing Tours | Skywalk Glass Bridge | One Day Whitewater Rafting SIGHTSEEING TOURS AT GRAND CANYON WEST If you decide to drive to Grand Canyon West instead of taking a helicopter or airplane tour from the Las Vegas area, there are

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Grand Canyon West – Skywalk

Is a visit of Grand Canyon West”s Skywalk worth the long drive? While we can not answer this question for you, we can give you some information to help you with your decision. How to drive from Las Vegas to

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