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Grand Canyon West Road Paved
Please note that paving of the road to Grand Canyon West is complete. 

Location & Directions: Grand Canyon West is located in northwest corner of Arizona and can be accessed by car, helicopter and plane. This area of the canyon is privately owned and operated by the Hualapai American Indians. There is entry fee for access.


From Las Vegas – 2 ½ hours

  1. Take US-95/US-93 South towards Kingman, AZ
  2. Turn left and take Pierce Ferry Road
  3. Turn right onto Diamond Bar Road and stay on this road
  4. Continue on to Buck and Doe Rd
  5. Turn Right onto Airport Service Road to Grand Canyon West Airport for shuttles to the rim and Skywalk

From Phoenix – 4 ½ hours

  1. Take I-17 North out of Phoenix
  2. Take AZ-74 West/Carefree Highway
  3. Take US-93 North toward Kingman, AZ
  4. Take exit 51 to Stockton Hill
  5. Turn right onto Diamond Bar Road and stay on this road
  6. Continue on to Buck and Doe Rd
  7. Turn Right onto Airport Service Road to Grand Canyon West Airport for shuttles to the rim and Skywalk

BY HELICOPTER TOUR From Las Vegas – 45 minute flight / tours from 5 hours Papillon Helicopters departs from Las Vegas McCarran Airport as well as Boulder City Airport in the Boulder City, NV, 30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. Papillon has a variety of tours to Grand Canyon West that include landing on the floor of the Canyon or entrance to the glass Skywalk. For more information: www.papillon.com Phone: (888) 635-7272 or (702) 736-7243. Maverick Helicopters operates tours departing from Las Vegas McCarran Airport to Grand Canyon West. For more information: www.maverickairlines.com Phone: 800-962-3869 or 702-405-4300

BY AIRPLANE TOUR From Las Vegas From Page, AZ – 30 minutes flight / 30 minute tour Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines departs from Boulder City Airport in the Boulder City, NV, 30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas and offers tours with flights to Grand Canyon West. For more information: www.grandcanyonairlines.com Phone: (800) 634-6801 or (702) 638-3300.

BY BUS SERVICE  There are several motorcoach companies that provide tours to Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas. The tours normally include the transportation, entrance fees and a meal with options such as entrance to the Skywalk express. Airbridge Tours  – www.airbridgetours.com  – 877-333-6556 Grayline Tours – www.grayline.com – 800-472-9546 Sweetours – www.sweetours.com – 702-456-9200  – Sweetours offers smaller, more personal tours in smaller coaches

Open/Close & Seasons Summer months are April 1 – Aug 31 and the hours are 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. Last ticket sale is 5:00 pm Winter months are Sep 1 – Mar 31 and the hours are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. Last ticket sale is 4:00 pm.

Entrance Packages & Parking There are several different entrance packages from which to choose and a variety of options to add to a basic package. Grand Canyon West offers free parking because private vehicles are not allowed in the Park; however, there is a complimentary shuttle service that stops at the various viewpoints. Please note the disclaimer on all packages: All tours and products are subject to tribal tax and fees. Weather may affect availability of tours. Grand Canyon West is owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe and reserves the right to deny entry. Tours and prices subject to change without notice. Cancellation policies apply. No private vehicles allowed at Grand Canyon West beyond the designated parking area.

Grand Canyon West and Skywalk Ticket Prices are:

Grand Canyon West - Skywalk

Grand Canyon West and Skywalk Tickets can be Booked Online at GrandCanyonWest.com:

Grand Canyon West Viewpoints Eagle Point Viewpoint Native American Village: walking tour of authentic Native American dwellings depicting multiple tribes Amphitheater: live Native American performances from multiple tribes demonstrated continuously all day Creations by Native Hands: featuring handmade, authentic Native American jewelry and crafts Guano Point “Highpoint Hike”: offering breathtaking panoramic canyon views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Visit the remnants of a historic tram that stretched 8,800 feet across the canyon to a guano mine discovered in the 1930’s. Hualapai Market: interact with Tribal members offering Native American jewelry and crafts. Hualapai Ranch Enjoy western hospitality, cowboy entertainment, wagon rides and more. Learn how to rope and quick draw the cowboy way.

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  1. We would like to see the Skywalk. It appears that the Legacy Gold Package – $80.94 per person, includes taxes and fees would be the option for this. Do we need a reservation for this?

    We would probably arrive around 4-5PM today.


    1. I have a few questions… What is ADA accessable at these canyons? Wheelchair or walker. The other is… Do you offer any local or veterans discounts? Thanks.

        1. When you buy your tickets it asks for a time for sky walk. Or is it open for that day one time use

  2. Hi we are planning to see Grand Canyon on 13/9 and will be departing from a hotel in Las Vegas. Which tour is best option including skywalk and helicopter ride? Bonus if we can see Native American performances etc

    1. Patizia,

      There are Two Tours that I would recommend to you:
      Grand Celebration Skywalk and Boat
      Grand Voyager with Skywalk

      As for the Native American performances, those have been happening with consistency, but can never be guaranteed. Given that you are going in September there is a very high likelihood that you will enjoy a Native American performance.

      Thank you for your question and enjoy your visit to Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk!


    1. Grace,

      Unfortunately, Only Service Animals are allowed past the Hualapai Visitor Center at Grand Canyon West to go to Guano Point or Eagle Point.

      However, there is a Kennel Service offered at the Hualapai Ranch for $16/Per Pet Per Day (2014 Prices) available to you, as well.

      Thank you for your comment and enjoy your visit to Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk,


      1. Do you know how to contact Hualapai Ranch to make advanced reservations for pet sitting? I cannot find any contact info, website or phone number for Hualapai Ranch.

        1. Holly,

          The last time I called them I used one of these two numbers to call Grand Canyon West where the Hualapai Ranch is:
          (888) 868-9378
          (928) 769-2636

          Give both of those a try and I hope you are successful in reaching them.

          Enjoy Grand Canyon West,


  3. Hello,
    Is there a place that I can park a rv by the west rim? I am thinking about taking a little break this weekend. Today is 10/5/14. Thanks !

  4. My daughter and I would like to come and visit the Skywalk with the Legacy Gold package. Do I need to make a reservation for this? We would plan on being there either tomorrow or Friday. If so, when is the recommended length of time to plan on being there, between parking, travel to the west rim and touring the Skywalk?

    1. You should probably plan for at least 5 hours travel time between Las Vegas and the Skywalk. You will likely want to spend at least 3 or 4 hours there to cover all the view areas and things to do. Take more time if you have it.

        1. You are correct. At the time I wrote the post the road had not been completely paved so it should have said 3 hours but now it is an average of 2 1/2 hours drive time from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West.

  5. Do I need a reservation for the Legacy Gold Package if I am coming tomorrow morning? What is the general wait time form the skywalk?

    1. Wanda,

      You don’t currently need Reservations. The price is the same for Walkup vs. Booked Online in Advance AT THIS TIME.

      Learn more at: https://grandcanyonwest.com/

      Due to COVID-19, the prices for Online vs. Walkup are the same. The reason we recommend walkup at this time is that Online Tickets are NON-Refundable and MUST be used on the date you purchase them for. So, to give you flexibility on whether you want to go on Wednesday or Thursday, we simply recommend that you purchase your Ticket upon arrival at Grand Canyon West.

      The Pricing differential may change in the future. Pre-COVID it was MORE to walkup and purchase day of…however, ONLINE you are locked into the day you purchase the Tickets for.

      Enjoy your visit,


      1. Does the West Grand Canyon ever get sold out? This would be for April 2nd, which is Spring Break Time and a Friday. We don’t want to take the risk to drive up and it be sold out. Do you have limited capacity at this time?

      2. Karlyn,

        We are planning on a visit to Grand Canyon West while we are visiting the Las Vegas area. Are the online and walk-up ticket prices for general admission and/or bundles still the same? Thank you for your time.

        1. Yvonne,

          I believe with COVID they have gone back to having Online and Walk-Up Prices the same again.

          Give them a call to verify at-
          Reservation Line: 888-868-WEST or 928-769-2636

          Enjoy your visit,


    1. Erika,

      You must purchase one of the Skywalk Packages upon arrival at the Grand Canyon West Tour Center located at the Grand Canyon West Airport. Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/TZXm9 They do include your Entrance Fee’s to the Hualapai Nation. They are Per Person and NOT Per Vehicle like Grand Canyon National Park.

      Here are the 2015 Prices:

      Hualapai Legacy Package
      $43.42 Per Person
      Photo opportunities with Hualapai Members
      Hop-on / Hop-off Shuttle to All 3 Viewpoints: Eagle Point, Guano Point, Hualapai Ranch
      Time to allow: 3 to 4 Hours

      Legacy Gold Package
      $80.94 Per Person
      Skywalk ticket to walk on the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon
      Meal at viewpoint of your choice
      Photo opportunities with Hualapai Members
      Hop-on / Hop-off Shuttle to All 3 Viewpoints: Eagle Point, Guano Point, Hualapai Ranch
      Time to allow: 3 to 4 Hours

      Legacy VIP Tour
      $337.49 Per Person
      Private tour with Hualapai Guide with Minimum 2 guests and Maximum of 10 guests
      Skywalk ticket to walk on the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon
      Join Cowboys for wagon ride, learn to rope, enjoy true western hospitality at Hualapai Ranch
      Authentic Native American gift
      Meal at viewpoint of your choice
      Photo opportunities with Hualapai Members
      Time to allow: 4 Hours


    1. Danny,

      That’s entirely up to you…some people prefer to let other do all the Navigation. Some like to take control of their own destiny.

      So, I would recommend you take a look at our latest post on How to drive to Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas at this link: https://grandcanyon.com/planning/west-planning/drive-grand-canyon-skywalk-las-vegas/

      Then see what you think. The Road is completely paved all the way out there now…so many people are choosing to drive out there on their own now.


    1. Shail,

      At the Hualapai Ranch they have:
      Bar B Que Chicken & Ribs
      Mashed Potatoes

      At Eagle Point where the Skywalk is located they have:
      Hot / Cold Sandwiches
      Vegetarian Sandwiches
      Vegetarian Plates
      Cowboy Beans

      At Guano Point they have:
      Shredded Bar B Que
      Baked Chicken
      Cowboy Beans
      Potatoes & Gravy
      Corn Bread

      The Vegetarian options are all at Eagle Point where the Skywalk is located.


      1. Thank you for posting this!!! We are planning a trip and have a 6 yr old and you posting what they have has helped us a lot!! Thank you!!

    1. Teresa,

      South Rim – Most Popular Rim to Visit at Grand Canyon:
      Here’s Why-
      It’s the views in photo’s you’ve seen over time at the widest and deepest point of the Grand Canyon. It’s what you are expecting.
      Grand Canyon Village: El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge, Kolb Studio, Lookout Studio, Bright Angel Trail and Mather Point highlights.
      People spend time on the Rim desiring to get to the Bottom…
      It gets the most visitation at about 3.5 to 4+ Million Visitors annually.

      West Rim – 2nd Most Popular:
      Here’s Why-
      The Grand Canyon Skywalk is here (By the way, visitors think it’s at the South Rim.)
      You have the ability to get to the Bottom via Helicopter here.
      It’s the closest Rim to Las Vegas…where the largest Group of Visitors that go to Grand Canyon depart from.
      It gets the 2nd most visitation at just about 1 Million Visitors annually now.

      East Rim – 3rd Most Popular:
      Here’s Why-
      Horseshoe Bend – intimate picture on the rim with the Colorado River in background (people think it’s at the South Rim)
      Antelope Canyon – baby canyon that you can touch both sides (becoming popular because of photography…and people think it’s near the Grand Canyon)
      Marble Canyon Bridge – where Grand Canyon begins
      Little Colorado River Arm – direct 1500 feet views down to the Little Colorado River / Nick Wallenda’s Tightrope Walk across
      It gets Grand Canyon visitors who are leaving the South Rim and transitioning to the North Rim, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Monument Valley.

      North Rim – 4th Most Popular:
      Here’s Why-
      It’s the most seasonal and remote Rim to access.
      North Rim is open from May 15th through October 15th Annually.
      It has great views with Pt. Imperial, Cape Royal and Bright Angel Point in front of the North Rim Lodge.
      It gets about 800,000 Visitors annually now.
      Bar Ten Ranch is a newer attraction on the North Rim that is primarily accessible by Airplane Only.

      Thank you for your Question. I will be putting this to Video soon!

      Take Care,


  6. Hello,
    I have a question about what package to take.
    Me amd my family would arrive to GC West late afternoon. We would like to stay the night in a cabin at the ranch and visit the skywalk in the morning. Of course we would like to se the suset the previous evening as well. As our stay would be spread over 2 days I wonder if we need to pay a ticket for each day beside the lodging.
    Thanks for your answer…

  7. I will b traveling for 10 days from California w/ my wife and our dog,
    Can we bring the Dog to Skywalk? the shuttle? etc ?


    1. Luiz,

      Here is the Answer from GrandCanyonWest.com:
      2. Are pets Allowed at Grand Canyon West?
      Answer: Pets are

      not permitted on tours or allowed to be left in parked cars. Pet accommodations are available at the Hualapai Ranch (fee applies). Service animals are permitted on tours.

      I hope this helps as you plan you visit to the Skywalk.

      Thank You,


  8. I have a question regarding the meal option Legacy Gold Package. I am travelling to Grand Canyon West rim with my family on 6th Sep’15 from Las Vegas. I need to know what all Pure Vegetarian options are available out there. We don’t eat chicken, meat, sausages etc. We are pure vegetarians and need to know the vegetarian options which can be available and on which point.

    1. Vikrant,

      The best Vegetarian Options are at Eagle Point where the Skywalk is located:

      Vegetarian Sandwiches
      Vegetarian Plates
      Cowboy Beans

      I hope this helps you on your visit to Grand Canyon West in September.

      Thank You,


  9. Before our trip to the Grand Canyon West Skywalk, I read a lot of negative comments but still decided to go to find out for myself. Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t pay attention to all the negative comments because we had a Fantastic time, Awesome sights, great photo opportunities, all the employees were wonderful and very helpful when needed directions. The folks driving the buses were so helpful. So so glad I went and will remember all the sites thru my photos taken there. The Skywalk was Breath-taking, only one thing, I wished I could have been able to take pictures while on there but I understand the reason for ‘No Personal Items’ on the Skywalk. Thank you again for a great time !!!

    1. Parking is Free and included when you go to Grand Canyon West. You enter the Welcome Center and purchase your package and then the Shuttle System takes you to the Hualapai Ranch, Guano Point and Eagle Point where the Grand Canyon Skywalk is located.

      1. Sue,

        Portions of Grand Canyon West are Wheelchair accessible. However, it is best to call Grand Canyon West directly to see if it will meet your Grand Canyon Vacation desires at: 888-868-WEST or 928-769-2636



  10. We drove a rental car to the Skywalk. The view and sights were awesome. One word of caution: We drove back down Pierce Ferry road in the dark. There are free range Cows in the area and they are active day and night. Because of the dips in the road, my high beams did not illuminate the cows that were crossing the road. I hit several large cows at 45 mph demolishing the front and side of my toyota. We were shaken but not hurt. Fortunately, a family stopped to help and accompanied us to the Wishing Well Saloon and Restaurant in Dolan Springs where we waited for the sheriff and a new car to be brought from Las Vegas. All the people involved were very nice and warned us the hitting cows is a very common occurrance. Be careful. It took 4 hours to have the car delivered by Thrifty rentals.

  11. We are thinking of stopping at the Grand Canyon West on our way to the Grand Canyon South with our 5th wheel, do they have RV parking there.

    1. Linda,

      The Parking lot is huge at the Grand Canyon West Welcome Center. When you get there, most likely there will 5-20 Motorcoaches parked there, as well. RV’s, 5th Wheels and more can be easily accommodated at the Grand Canyon West parking lot.

  12. Hello, we are planning a family trip to Las Vegas and have two kids (2 and 3 yrs at time of travel). We will three adults. Can we fly there from Las Vegas (helicopter? plane?). We would like to see the West Rim and the South Rim, but foremost the skywalk. Which tour would you recommend? We do not want to stay overnight. Are the kids generally allowed on the skywalk? Thanks.

    1. Hannah,

      Children are allowed on the Skywalk.

      The best tours from Las Vegas to the Skywalk are:

      By Bus: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/grand-canyon-west-rim-bus-tour-w-skywalk-2/

      By Airplane: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/west-tours/the-indian-adventure-with-skywalk-tour/

      By Helicopter: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/west-tours/golden-eagle-skywalk/

      Now, currently, there are not any tours that include both Grand Canyon West where the Skywalk is and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. You need to visit them separately if you are taking tours from Las Vegas. Or, if you choose to rent a car, you can visit Grand Canyon West on the way to the South Rim or upon your return from the South Rim to Las Vegas. Here is a Google Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/KMNunAjP4JH2

      The best tours from Las Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon are:

      By Bus: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/grand-canyon-south-rim-bus-tour/

      By Bus with Helicopter: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/grand-canyon-south-rim-bus-tour-with-heli/

      By Airplane: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/grand-canyon-connoisseur/

      By Airplane with Helicopter: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/the-grand-canyon-deluxe-with-helicopter-tour/

      I hope this helps,


  13. This is all great information. I’m look for some combination of self-driving, Skywalk, and helicopter or plane view. One of the links on this website had a plane tour, but if I am understanding it correctly, it does not include the Skywalk? Are these coaches mentioned the same as the regular coaches one would take if they just drove there?

    If leaving from Las Vegas, it is 2.5 hrs, and $80.94 admission, which includes lunch, and any other ‘hidden’ fees or additional costs?

    1. Liam,

      If you are Self-Driving, then the $80.94 per person is the Complete Cost (no other hidden fee’s…except what you might spend in the Gift Shop!) to enter Grand Canyon West, enjoy the Skywalk, and also includes a Meal at a viewpoint of your choosing: Guano Point, Eagle Point, or the Hualapai Ranch.

      I would also recommend you take a look at the “Over The Edge Helicopter & Boat Tour” by Helicopter that begins at Grand Canyon West, as well.

      Enjoy your visit,


  14. Hi, Are there any hiking trails at the West Rim to which visitors have access? If so, where may I find information on those trails? Thank you.

    1. Joyce,

      You can bring your own food, however, it MUST be consumed before you board the Motorcoach and take the Tour out to the Viewpoints at Grand Canyon West…Guano Point, Eagle Point where the Skywalk is, and the Hualapai Ranch. Once you board the Motorcoach out to the Viewpoints, you must purchase food at Guano Point, Eagle Point, or the Hualapai Ranch if you simply take the Legacy Package.

      The Legacy Gold Package includes a meal at Guano Point, Eagle Point, or the Hualapai Ranch based upon your choice.

      Also, just a reminder…ALMOST all Native American Tribes do not allow the consumption of Alcohol on Tribal Lands.

      Thank You,


  15. Hi there

    We’ve rented a car from Vegas to come and visit the West rim at the end of March. If we pre book our package will we avoid a queue for tickets? Or is it all the same queue to get into the park? And I just wanted to check that you are open on Easter Sunday (3/27/16)?

    Many thanks. Can’t wait.

    1. Charlotte,

      I would recommend that you simply purchase your Tickets to Grand Canyon West when you arrive. There are two reasons: 1-You have to stand in the same line and get the Ticket that allows you to take the Tour Package you of you choosing. 2-Here is the warning when you book Online:

      ONLINE GUESTS PLEASE NOTE: For mistakes or cancelations you must contact us immediately with your confirmation information. After 72 hours we will not allow a refund. We will also not allow a refund due to weather, please contact our office prior to arrival to check on the weather. Online tickets are valid for 1 year.

      So, to save yourself any hassles with Weather Cancellation or Refunds. I would recommend that you purchase your Ticket when you arrive…it doesn’t really save any time booking Online and you have the risk of a Weather Cancellation to which there is NO Refund for Tickets purchased Online.

      Thank You,


  16. We are visiting the West Rim in April using the Las Vegas Power Pass which I believe is the Legacy Package. Are we able to pay the difference and upgrade to the Gold to include a meal and the skywalk when we arrive. If so how much will it be please?

  17. 1) An article I read, without a publication date, indicates that the last 9 miles of the journey to Grand Canyon West (since we are driving our own vehicle) is an unpaved road. I have seen information on this site that indicates at this point, the road(s) to Grand Canyon West is now completely paved. Can you please verify this information?

    2) We are going to be visiting on March 19th and have purchased the package that includes the Skywalk. There is indication that while we are not allowed to take personal items onto the Skywalk, professional photos can be purchased. First, how would I find out the cost to purchase said professional photos, and second, are they digital prints that we will take home immediately or will we have to order and have them shipped to us? If the photos must be ordered and shipped, is there an additional charge? In either case, is sales tax added to price you are quoting, and if so, please include the percentage.

    3) Given that our package includes a choice of BBQ, Chinese, or a sandwich meal, are there indoor/covered areas at the viewpoints to eat?

    4) Once parked, how long on average will it take for us to obtain admission and board a shuttle since we have prepurchased our tickets?

    5) The indication when purchasing the tickets is that the shuttle service included in our packages is a “hop on, hop off” shuttle. Does this mean when we arrive at a given viewpoint, we get off, spend as long as we want there, then board the next arriving shuttle to the next viewpoint? Or will we be required to follow a predetermined and set tour schedule?

    Thank you in advance for your answers and assistance. As you may be able to tell, I am a meticulous planner and my family would prefer to be as fully informed as possible to help prevent any potentially unpleasant surprises. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Holly,

      1) Yes, the Road to Grand Canyon West has been COMPLETELY Paved now. It’s beautiful and smooth compared to the dirt road it once was. You will enjoy the drive through the Joshua Tree’s when you go.

      2) The Skywalk pictures: As the Hualapai Tribal Nation operates the Grand Canyon Skywalk and they have multiple Photo Packages available to you, I would encourage you to call them directly at these contact numbers: https://grandcanyonwest.com/get-here/contact-us/
      They have the right to change prices at any time.

      3) There are covered area’s at Eagle Point/Skywalk and at Guano Point. If you eat the Hualapai Ranch, it is completely indoors.

      4) Unfortunately, this ALL depends on when you arrive that day. If you arrive when the 2,000-3,000 other people arrive daily between 10-11AM, it might take you awhile. Normally, I would say just 30 minutes or less…but that’s given that you don’t arrive when the rest of the Visitors from Vegas arrive in the 10-11AM time period…it’s multiple motorcoach loads arriving near the same time, by the way.

      5) You read that correctly. It is Hop On, Hop Off…you take as much time at each point as you’d like. Normally, people go to Eagle Point/Skywalk first, then Guano Point, then to the Hualapai Ranch. A normal visit is 3-4 hours…but again, you can spend as much, as little time at each point as interests you.

      Remember this is Grand Canyon West…it’s still remote. Remember to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Season depending…a light jacket might be welcomed, as well. Las Vegas is at about 2,000 feet and Grand Canyon West is at 4,000 feet…so it is cooler at Grand Canyon West.

      I hope this help you in your Planning.

      Thank You,


  18. Hi.
    We are planning to do the “over the edge helicopter”, which includes west rim entrance fee but not the skywalk entrance fee.
    I am wondering, if we can purchase the skywalk fee at the site, as an additional / upgrade.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    1. Vasiliki,

      Yes, you can simply add the Skywalk onto the Over The Edge Helicopter tour when you get to Grand Canyon West for an Additional $35 Per Person.

      Thank You,


  19. Hello, I saw on another page that entrance fee will be free on april 16-24, does that include the west rim? And if i want the skywalk i would just pay $35? Thank you!

    1. Sam,

      Entrance Fee’s being Free is for the National Park’s ONLY from April 16th-24th, 2016:

      Grand Canyon West is on Hualapai Tribal Lands and does NOT enjoy Fee Free Entry on that week.

      If you are looking to do the Skywalk, the fee is $80.94 inclusive for the Legacy Gold Package that includes the Skywalk, a meal, Grand Canyon West Entrance Fee’s. Included in those Fee’s is a shuttle system that takes you to Eagle Point where the Skywalk is, Guano Point, and the Hualapai Ranch. I recommend you purchase your package when you arrive at Grand Canyon West.

      To Learn more, please go to: https://grandcanyonwest.com/

      Thank You,


  20. I hear from my friends who visited the SkyWalk last year in June, that you can go onto it, but it does not allow you to sue camera on it, and it is very crowded, you cannot do anything on it but squeeze thru the crowd. Is it all the time like that? I remember they said the price per person is over $100, are you sure that the price $80.94 includes the ticket for the SkyWalk, right?

    1. Tom,

      1-You are correct, you CANNOT use your camera or cell phone on the Skywalk. Those are stored in a locker while you are on the Skywalk.

      2-It does depend on the time of Year…and Time of Day that you visit the Skywalk as to how busy it is. I will let you know that once Season begins when all the Motorcoaches from Las Vegas arrive…usually between 10-11AM Daily…it WILL be busy on the Skywalk until 2-3pm. Earlier or Later in the day will give you a different experience.

      3-Finally, for the latest Prices to visit Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk, please go here: https://grandcanyonwest.com/tickets/

      However, if you purchase one of their photo packages that they offer of taking your picture on the Skywalk…it will end up being more than $100 per Person.

      I hope this helps,


  21. Trying to do the hover dam in morning and the grand canyon in the afternoon do you think this is doable? planning on being at the at the west rim around 3pm

    1. Kristie,

      Yes, it is doable, however, Grand Canyon West is open from 7am to 7pm daily. They are open every day of the year including all major holidays. Last ticket is sold at 4:30PM from November to March.

      So you should be okay. It’s about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon West. Here is a link to a Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/mZ4T3d7VrSH2



  22. Dear Karlyn,

    Thank you Sooooooo much for your time and detailed explanation. Now I know when to go to avoid the crowd, and I guess it’s even better to go in late afternoon for the photo-taking at sunset, and it’s perfect for a day trip from Vegas for spending that time frame 4pm-7pm if the weather is good. I was not able to decide to go before I asked you, now I can decide! THANK YOU !!! You are as famous as the Grand Canyon!!!

  23. Hi,
    Two questions regarding grand canyon west:
    1) Is there any advantage ( e.g. price-wise) to book the tickets online rather than buying them in the visitor center?
    2) Do you offer wheelchair service for the elderly? Is there a cost, if you do?

    1. Hi Ali,

      Thank you for your questions.

      There is no advantage to purchasing your tickets online rather than buying them when you get to Grand Canyon West.

      Concerning wheelchairs you will need to contact the tribe directly: For any questions or to inquire about childrens rates, please call 1-888-868-9378 or 928-769-2636.

  24. Hi! I´m planning to visit th skywalk with my family and we want to know how much does each picture cost? Because we can´t get in with our own devices…

    1. Photos can be purchased singly or in a package. The latest information I have about the photos is that they cost $35 per single and $105 per package. That is subject to change. Be sure to get your pictures while you are there because it is much more difficult to get them if you wait until you get back home.

  25. I’m a little confused – planning a trip with the family later this month to the West Rim. Where do I actually purchase the tickets? Looking at the Legacy package. Can I purchase them in advance online or do I purchase them upon arriving? Do tickets tend to run out for any given day?

    1. You can purchase the tickets online or wait until you get to Grand Canyon West. You will be able to get them up until 1 1/2 hours prior to their closing time.

  26. The travel time is too confusing. When I check the distance between Las Vegas and 5001 Diamond Bar Rd, Peach Springs, AZ • 86434, it says 4 hours 18 mins. When I check distance between Las Vegas and Grand Canyon West Airport, it says 2 hours 12 mins. Which is the correct address to visit the Sky walk ? Can someone please help ? I’m coming by car.

  27. I am relocating from California to Virginia and wanted to visit the Grand Canyon West. I will be traveling with my dogs and just called the Hualapai Ranch to find about boarding them for the day I go out. I was told there is no kennel, even for hotel guests. Did the kennel close, or is the one mentioned above a different place? Do you have contact information. Thank you.

    1. To my knowledge there has never been a kennel at the West Rim. There is a kennel at the South Rim and a kennel in Williams, AZ for people going to the South Rim. There are pet boarding options in Kingman but that is the closest to the West Rim that I am aware of.

  28. We are visiting the West Rim at the end of July through Vegas. We are still deciding on whether to drive to the West rim ourselves verses taking a tour. We are a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children, 6 & 10 yrs old. Any opinion on that? The roads I know are all paved. My son is in 4th grade currently and is participationg in the Every Kid in the Park campaign for the 100th yr celebration of National Parks. It allows him and our family to visit National Parks for free until the end of August. Do you know if the West rim entrance/package honors Every kid in the park?

    Thank you!

    1. The West Rim is Hualapai Tribal Land so it doesn’t honor any of the National Park passes. You can go to the South Rim or the North Rim and they will honor it. As far as taking a tour versus driving there, that depends on whether you want to rent a car or just let someone else do the driving or if you prefer to see it from the air.

  29. Hoping to visit GC West rim in a few weeks. Driving there from Vegas. Not interested in doing Skywalk, just want to wander around for a couple of hours and take in the sights at the 3 viewpoints. Are there any costs in just doing this ?

    1. You will still need to pay for an entrance package:
      Legacy Package
      $43.42 Per Adult / $37.14 Child (Age 3-11)
      Skywalk ticket NOT INCLUDED
      Photo opportunities with Hualapai Members
      Hop-on / Hop-off Shuttle to All 3 Viewpoints: Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Ranch
      Time to allow: 3 to 4 Hours

      1. Hi, we are planning to visit GC West Rim along with 3 kids- 11 yr old, 10 and 5 yr old. What is the current pricing (2019) for children for Legacy Package and Legacy Gold package or is it same price with Adults? Secondly, if we buy the Legacy Gold Package online now, do you send us tour package tickets by email or do we still need to go down to Welcome Centre to obtain the tickets? What are your tips for bringing children in GC West in July? Also, if we are not allowed to bring personal items while in skywalk-where can we store our personal items? Are there lockers? What are your current meal options per viewpoint?


        1. Irene,

          You can go here to find current pricing at Grand Canyon West: https://grandcanyonwest.com/

          I would recommend that you buy your Tickets when you get to Grand Canyon West. They do not sell out, so you can simply pick up and choose the Packages you would like when you visit.

          When you go on the Skywalk, yes, they do provide lockers for you to put your personal items in while you are on the Skywalk.

          You now have Meal Options at each stop on the Grand Canyon West packages: Lunch at Guano Point, the Sa Nyu Wa Cafe at the Skywalk, and a Cafe at the Hualapai Ranch. I would recommend the Sa Nyu Wa as you are overlooking the Skywalk. That’s where I ate last time I was there…which was last June.

          The tips I would leave you with for July are…have plenty of water. There is the Shuttles to get you out of the heat a little bit…but either bring lots of water or buy it in the Gift Shops when you get there.



  30. Hello,

    We are a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids) who are planning on visiting the Grand Canyon West Rim on the 25th of September this year. We will have a hire car so were planning on driving ourselves.

    I think we would be getting the Legacy Gold package so that we can enjoy the Skywalk as well, I’m just wondering if we added the additional helicopter / boat road through either Over the Edge or the Grand Canyon West site, how long would we need to allocate to being at the West Rim? Given that we would want to do the hop on hop off bus ride as well. Also, if the weather is bad and the helicopter ride doesn’t go ahead, am I right in reading that we won’t get any kind of refund? I’m just wondering if this is something we could book there on the day, or do they sell out (especially as there is 5 of us)?

    Secondly, do you know if there are any Gluten Free options? One of my children is coeliac and needs to eat gluten free foods. I saw that we can take food in, but only so far and I wouldn’t want to be eating our meal and he can’t eat with us.

    Thank you so much for your detailed site and information. It’s made our holiday planning so much easier.

    Thank you,


    1. If you add the Over the Edge tour on our website and the helicopter can’t fly that day you would be able to get a refund. If you wait until you get there you might be able to do the add-on but you might also have to wait a while before they will have space for you.
      In the case of needing gluten-free you should bring that with you -just the food for your child who needs it and explain to them that he/she has a special diet. Because gluten is such a sensitive issue you need to be guaranteed the food is gluten-free and that would be difficult in that remote location.

  31. We hope to visit the West Rim in two weeks. We will be purchasing the cheapest package as we can’t stomach the skywalk. We’d hoped to come back the next day and do the horseback riding. Do we have to purchase yet another legacy package in order to gain entry or will we be able to show up the second day and only purchase the horseback riding?

    1. V. Carr,

      Yes, you do have to pay the Daily Entrance Fee again the next day.

      It is a Daily Entrance Fee at Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Nation’s land.

      Thank You,


  32. Hi, we are driving to grand canyon west from vegas because not all of us want to do a helicopter. Is it possible to book a helicopter tour that starts from the grand canyon west area?

  33. Please confirm if the GPS address to visit the West Rim is 5001 Diamond Bar Road, Peach Springs, AZ 86434 ?
    Do we have any fees for kids less than 3 years old and can we bring the stroller?
    Is there any fee for the locker to keep the phones and camera during Skywalk?

    1. Yes, it does. Good for travelers to know that there is a Rest Stop on way up. Also nice for those on the return trip when so very dark out here, they see the Beacon for Travel Help.
      Feel free to contact us for a visit @ 928-767-9419 or 702-506-2582
      Thank you, Carol Ann / Adventure Concierge

  34. Hi, what is the best and closest place to las vegas that we can view the GC without paying fees, as couple of us have already done the south rim.

    1. Hi Charlie,

      You won’t be able to view any of the Grand Canyon without paying an entrance fee. The only place you can go to get any views without paying would be to Horseshoe Bend on the east rim of the Canyon. This isn’t in the Grand Canyon but is in Glen Canyon – the canyon just before the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. You can currently hike to Horseshoe Bend without paying a fee.

  35. We will be visiting the west rim as we drive from Vegas to Phoenix mid Oct. How much time should a person plan on visiting for. Our mom has mobility issues, so we would be just doing a basic visit so that we can say we saw GC. Also are walkers allowed on the skywalk ?

    1. Cara,

      The optimal visit time to Grand Canyon West is 3-4 hours. You purchase your Entrance Ticket and Tour Package…then enjoy a Shuttle System that will take you to Guano Point, Eagle Point where the Skywalk is, and the Hualapai Ranch on your Tour Package.

      Also, walkers and wheelchairs are allowed on the Skywalk when you visit.

      I hope this helps,


  36. Hello I have just moved to golden valley near dolan springs, and I was wondering how much it would cost per person or car(?) to just see the Grand Canyon rim and not the skywalk? Is there a way to pay separately to see the Grand Canyon and for parking? Thank you

  37. Where does the shuttle stop? Is this the transportation to the skywalk? Are views of the canyon included in this ride?

    1. Lisa,

      The Shuttle for the Grand Canyon West packages that you purchase at the Grand Canyon West Tour Center stop at the following points:

      1-Eagle Point where the Skywalk is located and a Restaurant.

      2-Guano Point where you have a great view into the Grand Canyon and a Restaurant.

      3-Hualapai Ranch where Western Activities are located with a Restaurant.

      There are some views of the Grand Canyon along the Shuttle Route, however, most of the views are at Eagle and Guano Points.

      Thank You,


  38. I understand that we are not allowed to take our very own photos with cameras or cell phones on the Skywalk however curious about the other sights? . Are we able to take pictures from the other two view points with our cell phone or camera?

    1. Jan,

      That’s a great question.

      Yes, you can use your Camera’s and Cell Phones from all around the Skywalk at Eagle Point, all around Guano Point, and at the Hualapai Ranch. You just CAN’T use them ON the Skywalk.

      Thank You,


  39. Hello,

    I will stay in Las Vegas, I would like to know if I can arrive to the Skywalk in a rental car.

    There is paved road? its secure?

    Thank you

      1. Thank You Sandy,

        I see in other websites that you cannot arrive to the Skywalk in your own car, and you should pay a bus, it is correct?

        Also in Google maps says that its a private road, there are tolls or some related to pay to arrive to Skywalk?

        Thank you very much.


        1. Hello Omar,

          You can drive to the Skywalk in your own vehicle. If you follow the signs and stay on the correct roads you will not be on a private road or have to pay any tolls.

    1. Hello,

      Is there an airport-like check of bags at arrival where bottles of water and food have to be thrown away?
      If we want to buy some meals apart from what is in the pre-paid package, are there food shops at the shuttle bus stops?
      Thank you for your help.

      1. Leah,

        You ONLY go through Security before going out onto the Skywalk. You place your personal items including ALL Camera’s in your Individual Storage Locker. After you get off of the Skywalk you can then retrieve your Personal Items.

        As for Meals, Yes, there is a Restaurant at each stop at Grand Canyon West – Eagle Point stop, Guano Point stop, and Hualapai Ranch stop all have Restaurants for Meals.



  40. Are there entrance fees if you are an enrolled member of a Native American tribe? I was told that since I am an enrolled member of a tribe, I will not have to pay entrance fees?

  41. Coming to visit in the fall, self driving. West rim is closest to vegas; however we just want to come and see the sites … but do not want to use the skywalk. Is there is fee for using the shuttle without without having to buy a ticket for the skywalk as well. Thank you

    1. Nicole,

      When you visit Grand Canyon West, there is an Entrance Fee on a Per Person basis to enter Hualapai Lands even if you don’t take the Skywalk. It’s the Hualapai Legacy Day Pass available at this link for $49.92/Per Person at the time you are asking this question: https://grandcanyonwest.com/tickets/

      This includes the Shuttle that takes you to the Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point (where the Skywalk is located), and Guano Point at Grand Canyon West.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Thank You,


  42. With the park closing at 7pm, is there any way to take photos of the sunset nearby? Coming from Vegas, I don’t want to trek all the way to the South Rim…(with the Grand Canyon in the photos?)

    1. Jeff,

      That’s the challenge…the Sunset photo’s you are expecting…are at the South Rim. Grand Canyon West has a little bit of brilliant color Sunset surprise…however, it’s not the deep gorge you are expecting like at the South Rim. I’ve watched Sunset in the winter when the Sun goes down much earlier…that’s how I know. Unfortunately, for the Sunset photo’s you are wanting…I recommend the South Rim.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank You,


  43. Is there any shuttle services where you only pay for the transport to the west rim from vegas and back, rather than including paying for the packages? My friends and I don’t drive and have a vegas power plus card (which includes legacy tour) but can only find transport where we would have to pay for the full package again. Also, is it possible to pay extra for the skywalk and if so how much? Thank you

    1. Sarah,

      You’d need to contact the Vegas Power Plus Card company. I suspect they include the Legacy Tour for those who plan to drive their own vehicle or a rental out there.

      All of the Motorcoach Operations I am aware of ONLY sell in packages…because it’s the only reason you’d go to Grand Canyon West is to tour on the Havasupai Nation’s land WHICH REQUIRES a Legacy Tour or more entrance fee.

      See what you can do,


    1. Scott,

      Here is the official Weight policy on Papillon.com’s website:
      Helicopters and airplanes have a maximum weight capacity as well as other restrictions on that govern the balance of the aircraft and help to ensure the safety of all our guests. Occasionally, to satisfy these safety requirements it may be necessary to split your group across more than 1 aircraft. All helicopter or airplane passengers will be weighed at time of check in. Passengers weighing 300lbs (136.36kg / 21.43 stone) or more will be charged a fee for an additional comfort seat. This fee is based on the product and ranges from $50 to $200.

      I hope that helps you.

      Thank You,


  44. Are handguns permitted on the tour. I am a police officer and will be doing a cross country trip while carrying. I don’t want to leave it in the car but want to make sure I am allowed to put it in a locker if allowed. Thanks.

  45. Can I visit only Eagle Point by my car without fees? And what’s about Guano and Quartermaster Points, I have the same option to drive there or I have to buy something?

  46. Do you have any additional information about accessibility at the 3 sites? Are there ramps and walkways? How about the shuttle? Is it easily accessible for someone with mobility issues (non-wheelchair)?

    1. Dorothy,

      That is correct. The Grand Canyon Resort Corporation will have photographers on the Skywalk who can take a picture of you which is then available for purchase after you depart the Skywalk.

      Thank You,


  47. do we need to purchase tickets for a 2 years old infant to visit grand canyon skywalk/other packages? Or even to enter the grand canyon west?

    1. Sruthi,

      Children ages 3 and above will need to pay to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk or other Packages they offer.

      A 2 year old infant does not pay for Entrance to Grand Canyon West.

      You can call the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation at Grand Canyon West for further information at:
      888-868-WEST or 928-769-2636

      Thank You,


  48. Hello, we are planning to visit the grand canyon on July (around 10 to 15 dates. Will the skywalk will be open that time? And may I know what is the updated price for the legacy gold packages.
    Thanks a lot????

    1. Brian,

      When you book online, that is the Time that they Open, so you can come whenever you want to that day.

      It’s not necessary to choose a Specific Time to be at Grand Canyon West.

      The Average Visit is 3 1/2 hours…so plan enough time before Closing to allow you to get to Eagle Point and walk on the Skywalk, go to Guano Point, and see the Hualapai Ranch.



  49. We are planning to visit Grand Canyon during July 6th,2019. We are looking for legacy Gold package. Do we have to make a reservation for this or can they be taken over there on arrival ?

  50. Hello, is there a senior or military discount?
    Is there a code for that we can use to purchase tickets online?

  51. Hello,
    I am planning a trip to Vegas in November and I am interested in the legacy package, however do we have to drive ourselves there? Or is there a tour bus that would pick us up from our hotel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  52. My brother and I are going to drive and we do not want to do skywalk we just want to see the Grand Canyon basically. If we park at the airport what is the fee to go to the rim?

  53. I am staying at the South Rim for 2 days. Would like to travel to the West Rim and end at the North Rim after checking out of the South Rim resort. What are the approx travel times from the South Rim to the West Rim and then from the West Rim to the North Rim. Also would like to visit the East Rim (horseshoe bend/antelope canyon) but likely the day after my travel along the west and north rims. Therefore, what are the approx travel times from the North Rim back over to the East Rim?

    Thank you! Amy

    1. Amy,

      If you are going to the South Rim first for 2 days (and I’m going to assume you are coming from Phoenix or off of I-40), then I would recommend that you visit the East Rim (Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon) on your way to the North Rim. The reality is that Grand Canyon West where the Skywalk is will be out of your way if you are coming/going from Phoenix.

      Now, if you are coming/going from Las Vegas, then Grand Canyon West is on the way to the South Rim, then I certainly recommend that you visit the East Rim (Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon) on your way to the North Rim. And, after you visit the North Rim, it is not far out of the way to go to Zion National Park on the way back to Las Vegas.

      Again, it’s just a matter of where you are departing from.



  54. Hi,
    I am planning a trip to Las Vegas with kids June 28th – July, 5th 2020, and have a couple of questions.

    1. What are the ages that would require a ticket for Grand Canyon West?

    2. Is there an estimated date for re-opening or is this destination already open, amid the Corona Virus?


    1. Julian,

      Grand Canyon West is on Hualapai Tribal Lands and therefore everyone is required to pay an Entrance Fee to their lands. This is done through the Ticket you purchase.

      Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk will be Opening on June 1st! So, you’re visit on June 28th will be possible now!

      Learn more here: https://grandcanyonwest.com/

      Thank You,


  55. We’ll be flying in and landing at the Grand Canyon West airport, with a dog. Does the shuttle pick up here or how do we get to it? Are dogs allowed on the shuttle?

    Thank you!

    1. Jessica,

      I would recommend that you call Grand Canyon West at:
      Reservation Line: 888-868-WEST or 928-769-2636

      I suspect Dogs are not Allowed on the shuttle.

      Fortunately, the Shuttle begins from the Airport to answer the other part of your Question.



  56. Hi , we are planning on driving from Vegas to west rim grand canyon. Are the roads into the entrance rough terrain or easily travelled? We were planning on driving a polaris slingshot but do Not want to travel rough terrain…is there somewhere we can park and then be shuttled ? Etc. Or should we rent a sturdier vehicle?

    1. Ramona,

      It’s all paved Road to Grand Canyon West now…so a Regular Rental Car will do just fine. It might be a really long ride in a Polaris Slingshot.



  57. We will be coming up July 24th 2021. I have 3 kids and was wondering if there is an admission cost for a 2 year old and a 4 year old?

    1. Taylor,

      Age 2 and below used to be Free, however, I am unable to get through to their 800 number and re-ask at 888-868-9378.

      So, I’d call that number and ask to be sure.



  58. What hiking trails are at west rim? Do the trails take you into the Canyon at all? What is mileage of any trails? Are they maps of the trails?

    1. Shelley,

      There aren’t technically any “trails” at Grand Canyon West like you experience at the South or North Rim of the Grand Canyon. So, no, there is not a way to hike into the Grand Canyon at Grand Canyon West. The longest Trail is Guano Point Trail which is just over 1400 feet one way and then, of course, you would return the same way back.

      Enjoy Your Visit,


  59. Regarding Skywalk and meal tickets, do you have to buy those tickets before taking the shuttle bus?
    In other words, once you ride on a shuttle, it’s too late to buy a meal ticket or Skywalk ticket?

    1. Yuji,

      You can purchase Meal Tickets and Skywalk Tickets when you get to the Skywalk. The Guano Point Restaurant is currently closed.

      So, you can purchase meal and skywalk tickets after you get on the shuttle.



    1. Rhea,

      The “best place” is subjective to what you want…with that said, the closest place to stay is in Kingman, Arizona with lots of Options. Kingman is just 1 1/2 hours away on this Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/mikxx8PtuYQ59wTE9 However, many people choose to stay in Las Vegas which is just over 2 hours away ( Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/VEbyALFnqSkrVyvY7 ) because of all of the Hotel Options. However, Boulder City is also very close at 1 3/4 hours away ( Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/sajLK9fPagQtR4DV7 ) and has lots of options too. Most people tend to chose the Best Place to stay based upon where they are coming from, how much they want to pay, and their expectations from Resort to simple Motel Room with a Bed.

      I hope this helps,


  60. Where do I locate information pertaining to dog kenneling? I wanted to know about any requirements there might be. I see it’s available but see no information on how to to book service or contact anyone to have questions answered. Also, what does a “meal ticket” consist of?

    1. Jennifer,

      Here is the statement by Grand Canyon West regarding Pets with a link to the webpage:
      Pets are not permitted on tours or allowed to be left in parked cars. Pet accommodations are available at the Hualapai Ranch (fee applies). Service animals are permitted on tours.
      Pets are allowed in the Cabins at Grand Canyon West for overnight guests.

      I would contact the Cabins directly at this contact info to get final details:
      To make your reservation, book online, call 1-888-868-WEST or 928-769-2636 or email [email protected]



    1. John,

      It is required that you Check-In and purchase a Ticket at the Tour Center and then the Shuttles take you to Eagle Point, Guano Point, and the Hualapai Ranch from There.



  61. Many years ago my family bought a day pass and drove to the bottom of the canyon on a partial dirt road. It was a beautiful day and we saw many wildlife. Can you still drive to the canyon bottom?

    1. Karen,

      Yes, you can. You drove down the Peach Springs Wash road to Diamond Creek on the Hualapai Nation.

      You will need to obtain Sightseeing Permits from the Hualapai Game and Fish Department. Please see their information below.

      Here is the Permit Fee’s Link:

      And, here is their Contact Information at Hualapai Game and Fish:
      P.O. Box 249
      Peach Springs, AZ 86434
      Phone: 928.769.2227
      Fax: 928-769-1111
      [email protected]
      8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday
      9:00 am-3:00 pm Saturday



  62. Rich,

    I haven’t been out there since COVID began, however, unless they are stopping every vehicle and questioning about COVID symptoms…the parking is Free. So you used to just drive right to Parking. It’s after you park your car and go into the Tour Center that you purchase a tour package that will take you out to Guano point, Eagle Point, and the Hualapai Ranch area. Eagle Point is where the Grand Canyon Skywalk is located.

    So there was NOT an additional Wait last time I was in the Parking Lot.

    I hope that helps,


  63. I am planning on visiting Grand Canyon West on Tuesday Nov 30,2021 , driving from Las Vegas.
    How often do the shuttle buses run to each point?
    Do I need to purchase a meal ticket at the Tour Center or can I just buy food at any of the stops?

    1. Joseph,

      The Shuttle Buses tend to run every 10-20 minutes depending on demand and seasonality. It may be up to 30 minutes between Viewpoints.

      You can purchase a Meal Ticket in your Bundle when you pay your Admission to Grand Canyon West or buy Food at the Viewpoints.



  64. Mike,

    I would give the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation that operates Grand Canyon West a call at: (888) 868-9378
    They can answer your current questions about Snow and what you can take into Grand Canyon West. With COVID, I am not up to date on what you can or cannot bring anymore. You used to be able to bring a day backpack…I am not sure anymore with COVID-19 restrictions.

    Grand Canyon West is setup with a shuttle system and all of the viewpoints are less than a mile from the Shuttle pick up/drop off points.

    Do I need to make reservations before coming? You do not need to make Reservations before coming at this time, however, call them for the latest requirements.

    Are there any Camera restrictions if I am not going on Sky Walk? No, it is only on the Skywalk that you have to leave your Camera in a locker.

    Can you hike without having a guide? Yes, you are free to hike on your own at all the Viewpoints.



  65. We are coming to the West Rim next Saturday. Since we’re AZ residents, we want to buy our discounted tickets at the park. Any worries about that day being full or sold out?

    1. Dave,

      Grand Canyon West is on the Hualapai Nation and does NOT offer Arizona Residents a Discount at this time.

      However, it should NOT be sold out. So don’t worry about that.



  66. Hi,

    My husband is an amputee who wears an artifical leg, but also has back and hip issues. Walking is difficult although he is not limited to a wheelchair.

    Can you share what options we have in terms of the sky walk and the west rim. We have a new york state handicap parking permit, will that allow us access to handicapped parking?
    We will be coming to the west rim from las vegas in a private car for just one day. Thank you

  67. Hello we are planning to go west rim tomorrow
    As we are seniors we can’t buy online
    Will this be a problem for us as having travelled from uk we don’t want to be turned away! Thanks dr Dylan

    1. Tom,

      The person in the Wheelchair must be able to transfer themselves from the Wheelchair into one of the Gator Vehicles that they use to transport participants to and from the Zip Line. If they can do that, then, yes, they can watch the Zipline Participants.



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