The Cabins at Grand Canyon West

Are you planning to drive to the Skywalk?  Do you want to do more than take a day trip?  Maybe you should consider staying at the cabins at Grand Canyon West; at the Hualapai Ranch, in fact.  These cabins are very rustic so if you are looking for a Dude Ranch experience this might be the one.

Where to Stay Near the Skywalk

There are two options for lodging on Hualapai Land; the Hualapai Ranch, aka the cabins at Grand Canyon West and the Hualapai Lodge at Peach Springs.  The Hualapai Lodge is an option but it is almost as far from the Skywalk as Las Vegas – approximately 130 miles.  If you don’t want to stay in Las Vegas, Kingman is only about 75 miles away.

Cabin at Grand Canyon West
Cabin at Grand Canyon West

But if you want to be able to spend a night and get up to a Grand Canyon Sunrise in the morning, you will need to make reservations for one of the cabins at Grand Canyon West. The front porches make for a good place to sit and unwind after a hectic day exploring the sights at the West Rim.”

Making Reservations

You can book online or make your reservations by phone.  To make phone reservations call 1-888-868-9378 or 928-769-2636.  Be sure to make your reservations well in advance as there are a limited number of cabins.

I Have Reservations – What Activities Should I Plan?

Horseback Rides at Grand Canyon West
Horseback Rides at Grand Canyon West

There are several options for activities at Grand Canyon West.  Of course, the Skywalk is one of the main reasons for visiting the west rim.

In the evening you can just sit and relax on your cabin’s veranda enjoying the sunset. You can sit and star gaze on a clear night and just enjoy the peace and quiet of being away from the city lights and the hustle and bustle that accompanies them.

Remember, this experience is not for everyone.  If you want a five-star rated hotel, don’t come to the cabins at Grand Canyon West!  However, if you want to “get back to nature” and enjoy the simple life without the interruptions of city life, this could be the experience you are looking for!



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  1. My son and three other friends are interested in staying down in I the canyon for one or two nights,but in a tent.Or any kind of cheap lodging that you have to offer. They will be arriving at the end of March ,in four months.Please let me know where and how we can book a place for a tent down in the Grand Canyon.and how much it will cost?

    1. Nomi,

      Thank you for your question.

      Here are the Procedures for Backcountry Permits to camp in the Grand Canyon:

      And, here are the other Camping options at the Grand Canyon:

      There are ONLY two lodges at the bottom of the Grand Canyon-

      The first Lodge is at Phantom Ranch:
      Unfortunately, I would suspect it is already sold out for March, however, give them a call at 888-297-2757 or 303-297-2757 and see if there availability.

      The other is the Supai Lodge at Havasupai Falls:

      March can be a good time to hike in the Grand Canyon. Please be sure you are prepared as the weather can go either way on you. It can still be snowing in March. Remember that the bottom of the Grand Canyon normally is about 20 degree’s warmer than the top.

      Thank You,


    1. According to the Grand Canyon West website: For any questions or to inquire about childrens’ rates, please call 1-888-868-9378 or 928-769-2636.

  2. First time visitors and want to do everything,,, water rafting, horse back riding, tubing, train ride etc. cabin is fine. We need some for a large group (two families) 5 adults 6 kids

  3. Hi,
    Would like to know if the Hualapai Ranch at Quartermaster Point Road, Peach Springs, AZ 86434, United States, is it open for booking on 8~10/Dec/2016?
    I have tried to make reservation booking on website but always links me back to Grand Canyon Western Ranch, 3750 East Diamond Bar Road, Meadview, AZ 86444, United States?

    I had visited the Grand Canyon west rim last year December and saw this Huaplai Ranch and we are very interested to stay there for 2 nights.

    Kindly advise…

    Thank you!

  4. We are a family group of 10 adults and 14 children and looking for a cabin near the canyon to accommodate all of us together even if it means getting cabins near each other. We are planning for around the end of July for 2-3 nights. Thank you.

  5. Hello, wondering when the best time to hike to Havasu Falls is? With camping over nighy there…if that’s possible

    1. Lisa,

      Not to be overly proud or snide, however, the best time to hike to Havasu Falls is when you have or can get a Permit.

      Unfortunately, in the last two years and even prior, Havasu Falls has gone viral and it is EXTREMELY difficult to get a permit now.

      Now, with all that said, in full disclosure, I just returned from Havasupai Falls this past weekend.

      How’d I do it?

      A friend of mine spent ALL DAY February 1st on the phone calling the Havasupai Tribe….never to be answered. The next day we found out from the Arizona Republic that a New Online Booking system was being unveiled. My Friend then immediately jumped on there and booked us a Reservation for May 21-23, 2017! I hadn’t been down there for 35 years because of how hard it is to get a permit, so I definitely wanted to go.

      Well, I just read the latest on the https://theofficialhavasupaitribe.com/:

      “Welcome to the new official Havasupai Tribe website launched on February 1st, 2017.
      UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Due to overwhelming reservation requests our online reservations will be unavailable.
      We are working with Sunrise Reservations to make online reservations available in the future. Please check back.
      For campground reservations you can also still call the Tourist Office at 928-448-2121.
      For Havasupai Lodge reservations please call them directly 928-448-2111.”

      Havasu Falls Online System link: https://www.havasupaireservations.com/

      Anyways, when would I ideally like to go to Havasu Falls? (Which is what you are really asking me…)
      Late September or early October! Why? Because the day time temps are still warm, however, the evenings cool off…and IT IS the BEST time of the year to be in the Grand Canyon. Not to mention that Havasu Falls is the most beautiful location at the bottom of the Grand Canyon…hands down. I’ve been to Elves Chasm, Deer Creek, and even Ribbon Falls on the North Kaibab Trail multiple times…Havasu and Mooney Falls on the Havasupai Reservation puts them all to shame in magnitude and beauty.

      I’ve looked at the Online Reservation system and it is pretty much Sold Out the rest of the year, however, you might give them a call…when/if they answer…ask them when there might be some Availability left. Otherwise, I’m going to tell you to block out next February 1-5th for just getting a Permit to go to Havasu Falls. It’s worth it!

      Learn more about Havasu Falls here: https://grandcanyon.com/planning/south-rim-planning-planning/havasupai-falls-arizona/

      Thank You,


    1. Pets are not permitted on tours or allowed to be left in parked cars at Grand Canyon West. Pet accommodations are available at the Hualapai Ranch (fee applies). Service animals are permitted on tours.

    1. B Alton,

      If you have Reservations, then Yes, you will be able to drive to the Ranch.

      I would recommend you give them a call to reconfirm all of your plans at:
      Reservation Line: 888-868-WEST or 928-769-2636

      Thank You,


  6. Hi,
    We are looking to stay in Feb. 2023. What time does the wagon, campfire start, etc? Landing in Phoenix at noon.
    Do people still park in front of the cabins?
    Can we purchase beer in the area?

    Thanx much,

    1. Kim,

      Unfortunately, you can no longer park in front of the Cabins. You now take the Shuttle Bus from the Main Parking lot at Grand Canyon West to the Cabins.
      The Main activities now at the Grand Canyon West Cabins are the Skywalk, Guano Point and the Hualapai Ranch area where your Cabin would be located.
      And, ALCOHOL is PROHIBITED on Hualapai Tribal Lands.

      I hope this helps as you plan your Grand Canyon Vacation.



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