Grand Canyon West – Skywalk

Grand Canyon West SkywalkIs a visit of Grand Canyon West”s Skywalk worth the long drive?
While we can not answer this question for you, we can give you some information to help you with your decision.

How to drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Skywalk – Click Here!

Grand Canyon Skywalk was opened to the public on March 28th 2007 offers a unique experience – walking on air (almost) above the Grand Canyon on Hualapai Tribal Land.  It can be a little unsettling to look down through the glass a couple of thousand feet to the Canyon floor below if you have a fear of heights, but for those who don’t it is a wonderful experience!

Traveling to the Skywalk takes a few hours from Las Vegas – a couple more from Phoenix.
If you are sensitive to price, the entrance fee is quite high but the experience is unforgettable.
If you prefer to let someone else do the driving, there are several tour options from Las Vegas.

  • View the Canyon through the glass bottom of the walkway
  • Great views of the Colorado River and Eagle Point
  • Experience some of the Culture and Crafts of the Hualapai Tribe
  • Great Views at Guano Point
  • Close to Las Vegas
  • Tours available from Las Vegas
  • May choose to have a photo taken of you on the Skywalk
  • Meal choices and most cultural events are included in the Entry Fee


  • Cannot take cameras or any personal belongings  with you on the Skywalk
  • Not part of the National Park (although it is part of the Grand Canyon)
  • Entrance Fees are Per Person vs. Per Vehicle compared to National Park
  • Limited number of View Areas compared to the South Rim and even the North Rim in the National Park

Other Facts:

  • Eagle Point is named for the shape of the mountain directly across from the Skywalk
  • Construction began in 2004 but was not completed until March 2007
  • The Bridge was constructed to withstand extreme natural disasters such as earthquakes and wind
  • There are 4 layers of glass on the Skywalk – the top layer is easily replaceable
  • News Media Personnel were allowed on the Skywalk the day it opened and allowed to take pictures of Buzz Aldrin as he walked across it.
  • The Hualapai Tribe owns about 1 million acres of Grand Canyon Land
  • Grand Canyon West is the only part of the Grand Canyon that allows helicopter to land below the rim.
  • The Hualapai Tribe has an area where you can view prototypes of homes of four local tribes that have lived in the Canyon
  • You can choose from three different options for lunch
  • If you drive there you might be able to spend the night in a rustic cabin
  • If you drive there you may add a horseback ride
  • If you drive you may also add other tour components
  • Hualapai means People of the Tall Pines
  • You might see a variety of Wildlife at Grand Canyon West including Coyotes, Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer, Foxes, Burros, and Eagles.

Ultimately, the choice is yours!  Will you visit the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West?  If you do, it is best to come in the late fall to early spring months of October, November, December, January and February.  The weather is generally nice with temperatures in the cool to warm range.  An occasional snow storm may come through the area but it generally doesn’t close the road for more than a day, if even that.  Summer is generally very hot!  As long as you check the weather before your arrival you should be able to adjust accordingly.