Page – Lake Powell, Arizona

In 1957, the Bureau of Reclamation chose a remote, isolated corner of Northern Arizona as the site of its most ambitious project to date. A reservoir was needed, not only as a source of hydroelectric power, but as a means to conserve water for the burgeoning population of the Southwest. A massive dam was built between the 700-foot high sandstone walls of Glen Canyon, and the waterway that formed behind it would be known as Lake Powell.

20 years later, Lake Powell became known throughout the world as a modern-day oasis in the desert, where families could enjoy boating, fishing, water-skiing and countless other water-based activities. On nearby Manson Mesa, Page, Arizona developed into a thriving tourist-centered town supporting a permanent population of about 6,000 residents.


In the years to follow, water levels in Lake Powell have fluctuated widely, but the lake and the town of Page continue to offer visitors a perfect place from which to enjoy their Grand Canyon vacations. Situated within a cluster of scenic attractions called “The Grand Circle,” Page is equidistant from Grand Canyon’s North and South Rims (about 2.5 hours to each). It is also located within easy access of places like the Paria Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Wupatki/Sunset Crater National Monuments and Monument Valley (just to name a few).


On Lake Powell, you can rent a variety of watercraft from small fishing boats to luxury houseboats. Or, sit back and let someone else do the “driving” with a Scenic Cruise Adventure to Antelope Canyon, Navajo Canyon, or Rainbow Bridge. In Page, enjoy activities like sightseeing flights from Page Municipal Airport, safari-style tours to surreal slot canyons, or a half-day float trip on the Colorado River.

As your base for exploring Lake Powell and the Grand Circle, stay in the one of many choices of Lake Powell/Page hotels.