Horseshoe Bend Rafting Trips

Northern Arizona’s very popular Half Day Raft Trips in Glen Canyon. Departing daily from Wilderness River Adventures headquarters at 199 Kaibab Road in Page, Arizona from March 1st to December 2nd in 2018.

Adults (ages 16 & up): $105.42 Includes $12 Adult Park Entrance Fee
Children (ages 4-15): $82.43

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For Reservations & Information Please Call: (800) 992-8022

The river triWilderness Half Day Raft Tripp begins with an exciting ride down the two mile long Glen Canyon Dam access tunnel to the base of Glen Canyon Dam. This is where you will board your raft and be off to an exciting trip on the Colorado River. While underway, your experienced guide will tell the area’s story of soaring sandstone cliffs, crystal blue-green waters, abundant wildlife, former inhabitation by native cultures, exploration by Major John Wesley Powell, and the Colorado River’s modern role in the Southwest’s water and power delivery system.

Canyon walls rise a thousand feet into the sky; mysterious messages carved into stone by the Ancient Ones; sit back, relax, listen and learn as you share the story behind the scenery of one America’s great rivers. Keep your eyes cast skyward for eagles, herons, maybe even a California condor as you drift on the crystal clear water, carried by the gentle current of the Colorado River.

Mid-way through your trip, you’ll take a short walk into a side canyon where you’ll examine a panel of petroglyphs.  These pictures were etched into the canyon walls hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago by the one of the area’s first inhabitants, the Ancestral Puebloans.

This is a River Rafting trip your whole family will remember forever, from pre-schoolers to great-grandparents, and everyone in between!  The Wilderness River Adventure Half Day Raft Trip is one of Northern Arizona’s top tours.

Horseshoe Bend Rafting Trips

  • March 1 – May 3 departs 11:00 a.m.
  • May 4 – September 30, twice daily at 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
  • October 1 – December departs 11:00 a.m.

This stretch of the Colorado River has no rapids, so children as young as 4 can take part!  Wilderness River Adventures boats can accommodate up to 32 people.  Book your seats today!

Adults (ages 16 & up): $105.42 Includes $12 Adult Park Entrance Fee
Children (ages 4-15): $82.43

Book Online Yellow
For Reservations & Information Please Call: (800) 992-8022

144 thoughts on “Horseshoe Bend Rafting Trips”

  1. sandra vongerichten

    Does this river tour actually go thru the Grand Canyon? I wasn’t sure from your description and do you have any available spots around June 3-6, 2014 and this would be for 3 adults.

    Thanks, Sandra

    1. It goes through Glen Canyon on a stretch of the Colorado River just before Grand Canyon National Park begins. It is the only smoothwater raft trip on the Colorado River just before Grand Canyon. So, no, it does not go through the Grand Canyon.

        1. Luisa,

          Yes, it does still operate.

          It begins and ends in Page, Arizona…you go to the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam and float down the Colorado River for 15 Miles to Lees Ferry where the same bus that dropped you off at the base of Glen Canyon Dam picks you up.



    1. Elizabeth,

      You will definitely want to check with you Doctor. However, the Half Day Raft Trips are very smooth and many pregnant women have enjoyed them in the past. Again, it is a personal choice according to your personal circumstances.

      Thank You,


  2. Half Day Raft Trip- Do you only get one stop to explore when you look at the message carved in stone?

    Or are there more than one opportunities?

    1. Kadi,

      Yes, the stop at the Petroglyph Panel is the primary stop on the Half Day Raft Trip through Glen Canyon.

      However, you do float along at a very slow speed much of the way and get to enjoy being in the Canyon.

      Thank you,


  3. Are there any package options to fly from Williams to Page to take the Half Day Smooth water tour and then fly back? Any idea of costs or recommendations? Seems like the drive from Williams is several to 3 hours.

    Any other 1/2 day or Full Day rafting options?

    1. Brian,

      The Package option to Fly to Page departs from the Grand Canyon Airport that is 60 miles North of Williams and it includes the Smooth Water Float Trip. It’s the Scenic Canyon River Adventure at this link: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/canyon-river-adventure-tour/ $394 Adult/$374 Child for 2015.
      It flies over Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, and Glen Canyon/Lake Powell. Also, adds the Tour of Antelope Canyon, as well.

      The other option beyond the Half Day Float trip is the One Day Whitewater from Williams at this link: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/grand-canyon-one-day-white-water-rafting-adventure-from-williams-az/ $549 Per Person for 2015.

      Thank You,


  4. Hi,

    I would like to drop my wife off up river with her kayak to float down the river while I drive to Lee’s Ferry and launch our boat to meet her on the river. Can I use the tunnel to access the river by myself, is there a fee to access the river at the damn? Am I required to have a guide to get access? Are there hours of operation for the tunnel access? How do I get to the tunnel access road?

    Any help is appreciated.



    1. You will not be able to use the tunnel to access the river. The company that does the Half Day Raft Trips sometimes back hauls people and kayaks up the river so they can kayak back down but even they cannot take a kayak through the tunnel for use on the river. You would have to tow or haul her kayak up river in order for her to kayak down.

  5. So children under 4 are not allowed on the rafting trips? Because we have a 3 year old son we want to bring with us.

    1. Tyler,

      There are Bathrooms at the Colorado River Discovery Store and Check-In Location.

      Also, there are Bathrooms at the Petroglyph Panel that is 1 1/2 hours into the Tour. Then there are Bathrooms at Lee’s Ferry, as well.

      In an Emergency, the Guide can also stop at what they call Lunch Beach and there are Bathrooms there, as well.

      Thank You,


  6. Hi,
    Does the half day tour also go around horseshoe bend?
    we are traveling from Australia so just need to be sure we book the correct tour.
    many thanks

    1. Leanne,

      Yes, the Half Day Raft Tour does go around Horseshoe Bend. This is the right trip. I would also encourage you to walk to Horseshoe Bend before or after your Raft Trip, as well.

      Here is a Google Map for you to see:
      Half Day Raft Trip



        1. Kim,

          Yes, after your Half Day Raft Trip…Horseshoe Bend is on the List of Must Do’s in Page, Arizona.

          It is 3/4 Mile each way. Please take Water, especially in the Summer. This is one of the Southwest’s Most Iconic view of the Colorado River.



  7. Are you able to get in the water for a quick dip? Is the water deep? Is it safe from water animals to get in the water?

    1. Lori,

      You are able to get into the water for a quick dip. I should let you know that it is 47 degree Fahrenheit water though…as it is pulled into Glen Canyon Dam about 200 feet down from the Surface. So that ends up being Very Cold Water!

      However, on a HOT Summer day…it is VERY refreshing to take a dip in the Colorado River. You just don’t stay in very long.

      There are NOT any water animals to be concerned with. At this portion of the Colorado River, it is primarily Trout and now and again you will see a Beaver. Both of them are Non-Threatening Water Animals.

      The guides will let you know a safe portion of the water to take a dip in. It is not too deep close to shore at the Petroglyph Panel which is where you will have the opportunity to get in the River. So, look to your guide for a safe place to take a dip.

      Thank you and Enjoy,


    1. Max,

      Yes, you can do the Half Day Raft Trip and Antelope Canyon on the same day beginning April 1st until September 30th. Why then? That is because the Half Day Raft schedule changes.

      In April, the Half Day Raft Trip begin at 7:30am and get you back by 12:00-12:30, so you could do Antelope Canyon after 1pm.

      In May, the Half Day Floats also begins their 1:00pm Half Day Raft Trip. So you could easily do Antelope Canyon at 9 or 10am in the morning.

      Prior to April or after September, I would recommend doing
      Antelope Canyon on a separate day than the Half Day Raft Trip.

      Also, you can always fit in Horseshoe Bend at Sunrise or Sunset, as well.

      Thank You,


  8. Hi, we are 2 families, total 8 people, interested in taking the half day raft on Tue, Apr 26. We have only one full day in Page, so we want to do the Antelope Canyon hiking tour and the rafting trip. What time would be the trip on Apr 26? Do you offer private tours that are flexible about the starting time?


    1. Marina,

      Fortunately, Colorado River Discovery now operates an early float trip in April. You can begin at 7:30am and be back to Page by 12:30pm. Making it easy to do a 1 or 2pm Antelope Canyon Tour.



  9. How long the half day rafting trip in terms of river miles? From web I learned that it starts from Glen Canyon Dam, but where it stops?

    1. Bhuiyan,

      It is 15 miles from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry on the Colorado River. At Lee’s Ferry you will be picked up by Motorcoach are returned to Colorado River Discovery’s Welcome Center in Page, AZ.

      Thank You,


  10. How long is the tunnel ride to the river. My husband is claustrophobic and I’m concerned this may keep us from a river ride.

    1. Amy,

      It is about a 2 mile long tunnel to the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam. There are addit’s along the way where the sun will shine into the Tunnel…there about every football field or 100 yards or so.

      I hope this helps with your decision.


      1. Thanks for the response here. Is the tunnel very dark at different points? How high / wide is the enclosure? How long does that two mile stretch last?

        1. Ellen,

          The tunnel has openings called adits all along the trip so even though it is partially dark there are many areas where it is light. The tunnel is wide enough for two regular sized vehicles to pass each other and high enough to easily accommodate the bus that you will be riding in. You will be in the tunnel for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

  11. Hi

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. The website describes the Half Day Raft Tour to be 4 hours long, but when booking the tour (via https://raftthecanyon.com/raft-the-river/half-day-raft-trips/) it shows it as a 3 hours long tour.
    How long is it actually ?

    2. Can you break down the Half Day Raft Tour time frame ?
    For example:
    11:00 – drive to the dam + descent to boats,
    11:30 – raft on water to location X,
    01:00 – stretch break,
    01:30 – back rafting on water to the Horseshoe,
    14:30 – board shuttle back to town,
    15:00 – arrival to town

    3. Does the Half Day Raft Tour goes through the Horseshoe ?

    4. Do we, at some point, go through/under the Navajo Bridge ?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Zoe,

      Thank you for asking your questions.

      1. The Half Day Raft Tour is about 3 1/2 hours on the River but from start to finish it is about 5 hours because you have to check in 30 minutes prior to departure and the bus ride back takes about an hour.

      2. The trip itinerary changes depending on the boat pilot and if everything goes right at check-in and many other variables so I can’t give you that breakdown.

      3. The Half Day Raft Tour goes around Horseshoe Bend. The tour stops for a Petroglyph just before you get to Horseshoe Bend.

      4. The tour on the water stops before you get to Navajo Bridge. You will ride the bus across it on your way back to Page.

    1. Sometimes you can get on same day but it is better to reserve to be sure. You should probably make those reservations at least two weeks or more in advance if possible.

  12. Hello,
    We are visiting the Grand Canyon are in October this year. We have accommodation booked for two nights at Tusayan, October 10th & 11th. We then go to Monument Valley for two nights 12th &13th October. We are interested in doing the 1/2 day Raft Tour. I notice that you only run this once a day at 11am at this time of the year. Looking at the maps I can see that perhaps if we leave Tusayan on the morning of the 12th we could get to your starting point of Page by 11am, do the tour then still have time to drive to our accommodation at Monument Valley. Would you please be able to confirm the “real” driving times for us, as I know that sometimes it is difficult to judge without local knowledge, in case what we are thinking as a fairly easy drive is not. Thanks for your assistance!

    1. Jenny,

      Yes, it is possible. It makes for a long day, but it will be a very memorable day. It’s about 2 1/2-3 Hours from Tusayan to Colorado River Discovery where you check in for the Float Trip. And then it is about 1 1/2-2 Hours to Kayenta or Monument Valley…depending on where your Hotel Accommodations are.

      It should make for a great day!


    1. Brenda,

      Yes, there are Taxi’s in Page. Buggy Taxi is at 928-645-6664.

      Give them a call before or when you arrive for a Pickup to take you over to Colorado River Discovery for the Raft Trip.

      Thank You,


    1. Annie,

      Yes the float trip does go around Horseshoe Bend. You will fist stop and see the Petroglyph’s on the side of the canyon wall…this is at the beginning of Horseshoe Bend, then you will get back on the Rafts and float around Horseshoe Bend while observing those standing a the top of the cliff taking pictures of you while you are doing so.

      Thank You,


  13. How safe is it to bring my camera along this trip? I want to take plenty of photos, but don’t want my camera getting wet or ruined.

    1. Tim,

      It is relatively safe. In other words, it’s very rare that your Camera would get wet on a normal day.
      Now, if it is rainy or you sit on the front where mist can spray you, YES, you’re camera can get wet.
      However, on most days under normal conditions…you’re camera won’t get wet or ruined.
      Now, obviously, if you drop it in the River that is another story…make sure you are wearing the strap.
      For the most part, it is very safe to bring a high dollar camera on the Raft Trip.

      Thank You,


    1. Elizabeth,

      Rainbow Bridge is not in this part of Glen Canyon. It is located about 55 miles up Lake Powell from Wahweap Marina.

      There are two ways to see Rainbow Bridge when visiting:

      1-By an air tour with Grand Canyon Airlines-

      2-By a boat tour with Aramark/Wahweap Lodge & Marina’s-

      And, I guess a 3rd way is to rent or bring your own boat and drive up there too!

      I hope this helps as you plan your vacation,


  14. Can we bring our own lunch?
    If so, is it ok to eat/snack on the raft? (We have a 9 year son that may get hungry before the official stop.)
    Thank yoiu,

    1. Michele,

      Yes, you can bring a backpack with snacks and goodies.

      The Bistro Bag lunch that you can purchase is given to you before you board the Motocoach to go to your raft. So, you can eat it at any time…excepting when going from the Bus at the base of the Tunnel/Glen Canyon Dam to the Rafts when you must be wearing a hard hat and boarding the raft.

      I hope this helps,


  15. We are staying at a resort in Scottsdale & arriving on Oct. 15. We would like to take the 1/2 day raft tour. What would the normal drive time be from Scottsdale?

  16. Hi, I’m planning a rafting on 29 sept. 7:30 – is Sun enough high already or everything will be like in the “twilight zone” ? 🙂

    Regards, WK

  17. Wojtek,

    I like the late September morning rafting departure. The sun is not directly over your head until later in the raft trip. However, the colors are much more exquisite on an early September morning.

    I went on September 30th several years back and it’s some of the best pictures that I have of this rafting trip!

    There is a bit of a “twilight zone” effect to begin with…as the shadows behind Glen Canyon Dam can cause that even from June-August. However, the pictures grow in brilliance and reflection as you go in September.



    1. Hi Trudy,

      Depending on where you sit in the boat you might get a little spray on you when the boat is motoring. Other than that, the only way you would get wet is if you wanted to.

  18. Can you send me the url for the trip from Page to Lee’s Ferry with a bus trip back. We are looking at the 2nd of November for the trip. Thanks

  19. Constantijn van de Ven

    I’d like to make a reservation for august 2017. When will the timewindow start for these reservations?


    1. Carol,

      Yes, there are Life Vests on the Raft for ALL Passengers on Board if they desire to wear them.

      It is required that passengers that are Age 12 and Under. wear their Life Vests while the Vessel is underway.

      Thank You,


  20. Are there kennels in the area to board your dog we want to bring our daughters 10 lb therpy dog on our vacation to Arizona but need a safe place to have her dog while on the tour..thanks

    1. Allen,

      There are two places here in Page where the Half Day Raft trip departs from:
      Page Animal Hospital: https://pageanimalhospital.com/
      Pampered Pets: 928-640-6898

      There is also Kenneling at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Learn more here:

      Pet Kennel
      Pets are allowed on South Rim trails throughout the developed areas of the park. Per the NPS pets are required to be on a leash 6’ in length or less. Pets are NOT permitted below the rim or on park buses (except for service animals). Pets are also not permitted in guestrooms in any of Grand Canyon National Park Lodges accommodations. Overnight pets must be boarded at the kennel. The kennel accepts dogs and cats only, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, reservations are recommended (especially for the summer months and holidays). Pets are accepted for day or overnight boarding, food is included. All dogs must have proof of current inoculation against rabies, DHLP, bordetella and parvo. All cats must have proof of current inoculation against rabies, feline leukemia and distemper combo (FDVR). The park kennel is located at the South Rim near Maswik Lodge. For reservations and more information call 928-638-2631 or 928-638-0534.

      Thank You,


  21. hey, from the pictures this seems to be a motorboat tour, do you offer rafting experiences as well? I mean the raft for ~8 people with paddles, a guide giving instructions etc. Thanks

    1. Hello Tonya,

      You should dress warm and in layers. When you first begin the trip you will be in a shaded part of the Canyon but later you will come out into the full sun and unless it is a breezy or windy day you will likely warm up quite a bit. You might get a little spray from the river depending on where you sit on the raft and depending on the breeze. I would suggest bringing a cheap poncho or rain jacket (or trash bag) so that you can cover up if needed. Generally speaking you aren’t likely to get wet unless you want to.

  22. What is the difference between the half day and full day smooth rafting tour?
    Do you go on the trail down river? Is the trip shorter because you do not take the 3 motor coach trip and do not stop for lunch?
    Trying to decide between the two.

    Thank you

    1. The difference between the two is the beginning location. The full day tour begins at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The half day tour begins in Page, Arizona. Lunch is not included in the half day tour but you can purchase lunch from River’s End Cafe at the Colorado River Discovery Store. (You can also purchase your lunch from any of the other take-out places in Page or pack your own to bring but you aren’t allowed to bring a cooler with you.) You can eat your lunch at anytime on either tour while you are riding down the river on the pontoon boat.

  23. We did the half day tour last spring and it was worth every penny!! Awesome tour guides who were very knowledgeable and phenomenal scenery! Highly recommend this!!

  24. Is there an individual weight limit? My husband is a big guy at 6’4″, about 280 lbs. and we have not been able to participate in some horse back riding activities because of this. Can he go on the raft?


  25. I am considering the afternoon (1 pm) raft tour – will we have time to do a morning one hour tour of Antelope Canyon, maybe around 10 am? Not sure of travel time in between. Thank you!

    1. Linda,

      10:00am works IF you are on a Guaranteed Departure to Upper Antelope Canyon with Antelope Slot Canyon Tours or Antelope Canyon Tours as both of these Tours are back at 11:30am giving you time to grab Lunch and get to Colorado River Discovery. (These are ALL in downtown Page, so they’re within 5 minutes of each other.)

      HOWEVER, if you thinking you’ll do a 10:00am at Lower Antelope Canyon…I would highly discourage that thinking…get started by 8:00am. They are often over-booked, so you end up waiting another hour or two waiting to just get into the Canyon. And, Lower Antelope to Colorado River Discovery is more like 10-15 minutes.

      You can grab Lunch at Colorado River Discovery at the River’s End Cafe too.



  26. I’m camping in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in early Sept, and would love to take the half day tour!
    My questions: Is there transportation or do we drive ourselves? If we drive, where do we meet to start the tour? We’d also love to hike the top of Horseshoe Bend while we are out there.
    What would you recommend?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Marisa,

      You will need to drive to Page, Arizona which is about 145 miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to take the Half Day Raft Trip. It normally takes about 3 hours each way. You can visit Horseshoe Bend on your way to or from the South Rim.

      Alternatively, you can take the Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip at this link: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/canyon-smooth-water-bus-trip/ However, you will not have time to hike out to Horseshoe Bend on this tour.

      When you drive to Page, there is a 3/4 mile hike to Horseshoe Bend each WAY from the Parking Lot. It is important that you wear good shoes for walking in sand and take water. It is an incredible viewpoint!

      If you have young children (Age 4-11…remember the Half Day Raft Trip minimum Age is 4 yrs. old), I would recommend driving yourself as the Motorcoach Trip might be stressful.

      Either way, it is a great Raft Trip from the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry.



  27. I am interested in the half day smooth boat tour. The video shows that thyou children can get in the water a bit, how long does that opportunity last??

    1. Angela,

      Yes, the Half Day Raft Trip does float around Horseshoe Bend.

      Interestingly enough, just before you go around Horseshoe bend you will stop and see the Petroglyph Panel. After Horseshoe Bend, you will also see various side Canyon’s coming in including Waterholes Canyon and a great Sand Dune before arriving at Lee’s Ferry where your Half Day Raft Trip ends and you board a Bus for your return trip back to Page, Arizona.

      Thank You,


  28. First, it appears I will be your first comment of 2018. Second, I have read through your comments section and I’m impressed with the help you provide people who want to go where you do not. My question; You pricing includes a $12.00 Park fee. What park in particular is this fee for? I ask because my wife and myself have National Park Passes.

    1. Stan F,

      The Park Fee is for the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

      All you need to do is show them your National Park Passes and the $12.00 Park fee is waived.

      Thank You,


  29. I’m trying to book “Half Day Raft Trips Glen Canyon” 1PM-5:30PM plus “Adult Park entry fee” but there are only entree fees for 7AM – 1PM. Can I use this entree fee for 1PM-5:30PM trip?

  30. I’m planning to stay in Las Vegas on the strip. Is there a half day raft tour that picks me up from my hotel? If not, what is the closest airport/hotel to do this half day raft trip?

  31. We are planning a trip in August and are wondering which trip would be better the 7Am or 1pm? Can the 7am one be too cool?

    1. Martha,

      In August, the 7am would be just about right normally. If there has been a Monsoon the evening before it might be cool at the beginning, however, it will warm up fast.

      Thank You,


  32. Can my 3 year old participate as well? We don’t want to miss the adventure just because he can’t get onto the boat.

  33. what is the temp like on sept 30th, please? How do you dress? We are thinking the 1 pm tour. How far a
    drive from the courtyard in Page

    1. Charles,

      Here is what Google is telling us about Average Temperatures in Page, Arizona:
      Average Temps in Page, AZ

      Oftentimes, September 30 is one of the best days to be on the Colorado River. I actually was on the River on the Morning Float several years ago and was able to take some of the best reflection pictures I’ve taken on the Colorado River.

      Thank You,


  34. Hello, we have planned a trip around the Grand Canyon, with diferent stays for 2 or 3 days, at Moab, Lake Powell (Page), Bryce Canyon, Moument Valley, and Grand Canyon (Yapavai Lodge). From which of these sites is it better to start the half day raft trip? We’ll come in August, is it better to do it in the morning or in the afternoon? I know that the temperature is very hot in summer, but on the river I think we can feel cooler in the afternoon? Thank you for your help.

    1. Carole,

      The Half Day Float trip is best taken from Lake Powell. You board the rafts at the base of Glen Canyon Dam that holds back Lake Powell.

      As to morning vs. afternoon, if you take a towel or get your shirt wet then the afternoon is very nice. Morning or Afternoon you will need to come prepared with Sunscreen and/or hats. Remember it’s the Arizona Sun. Also, the Colorado River runs 47 degrees fahrenheit/8.3 Celsius year around…so it’s cold water that you are rafting on, however, in that Arizona Sun you still need to get clothing or a towel wet to keep yourself cool in August!



  35. We are going to be renting a Houseboat at lake Powell for several days. We were considering doing the half day float trip before that, but I am wondering if the houseboat is able to go to these same places as the float trip? We have one day in which to do Antelope Canyon and the float if we ddecide to do it.

    1. Wendy,

      No, the Houseboat is not able to go to the same places as the Haft Day Float/Raft Trip. The Half Day Float/Raft Trip goes from the base of Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. Houseboating is up on Lake Powell before Glen Canyon Dam.

      You can do both Antelope Canyon and the Half Day Float/Raft Trip. I highly recommend that you take the time to do both if this is your first time to the area.

      A warning though…Houseboating could get into your blood and you may want to come back. 🙂 🙂 🙂



  36. I have an adult in my party who burns very easily. We’ll be coming in the summer and he’s concerned this trip involves sitting in the sun for an extended amount of time. I noticed in the comments you mentioned part of the ride is shaded. Can you give general timings of how long the raft is shaded vs in direct sunlight. We were thinking the 7am option would be better, but would like a general idea before we book.

    1. Mona,

      That is a really good question. Yes, the 7am get’s more shade, however, both at the Horseshoe Bend area where you stop to see the Petroglyph’s and at the end as you’re going down 4 mile in front of Waterholes Canyon and the final 2 miles to Lees Ferry you are in the Sun. You really need to be dressed with light long sleeve shirts and full brimmed hats. You can dip a towel in the River to stay cool too. The Colorado River coming out of Glen Canyon Dam runs at 47 degree’s. (Ask me, I know, I flipped my kayak just a mile down last September…it’s COLD!)

      I would still recommend this trip. Yes, morning is the best shade…however, you are in the sun. There’s no getting around it. I’d say for at least half of the floating time…which is Approximately 3 hours.

      I hope this helps,


  37. Virginia Sullivan

    We have possibly 12/13 or us wanting to do the Wildness Half Day 1pm tour ex Page (Float) is this possible on the 13 July 19?
    Many thanks

    1. Virginia,

      I would venture to guess there is Availability.

      However, please call Wilderness River Adventures at 800) 992-8022 to both Check Availability and Book your Raft Trip.

      I took my Family on the Float trip recently for my Daughter’s Wedding…it was a great trip. Just as I remembered it to be.



  38. I’ve never been on one of these trips before. I do like the idea of a half day trip since I’d assume it would wear you out. I’ll look more into this as I would love to do it with my family.

  39. Hello,

    Are these tours still running at the moment? We’ve noticed that large sections of the grand canyon are closed due to covid. We’re hoping this is still possible!


  40. HI! We are planning on coming to this tour in October. My parents will have their camper with them. Is there anywhere to park the camper while we do the tour? Thanks

    1. Alyssa,

      Yes, there is a big parking lot at Wilderness River Adventures for your parents camper while you are on the Tour.

      The Horseshoe Bend Rafting Tour takes you by Bus to the base of Glen Canyon Dam and then picks you up and returns you to the Wilderness River Adventures facility where your Camper will be parked afterwards.

      So, you’re good to go.

      Book your Tour and Enjoy,


  41. looking to do a half day float and antelope upper canyon tour same day in October 2021. Could this be done in one day? If so should we do the canyon tour first? We will be staying in Under canvas near the south rim grand canyon then traveling to Sedona. Should we book a night in Page to accommodate this trip or return to the tent for another night before heading to Sedona? thank you!!

    1. Kim,

      Yes, this can be done in the same day…if you can get Seats on the late Upper Antelope Canyon Tour.

      The Float Trip for 10/1/21 – 11/15/21 Check-In is at: 9:30 am with departure at: 10:30 am and you return to the Wilderness Store at: 3:00 pm

      You will then need to book with Navajo Tours on their last departure to get into Upper Antelope Canyon that would have to be at 3:30pm or After:
      https://navajotours.com/ (They are not currently showing Availability in October…not sure what’s up there.)



  42. Ive had 2 hip replacements and not 100% agile. Will I be able to get in and out of the raft without having to step up or down large distances.

    1. Robert,

      They have steps to both get on the Raft initially and then to step down off of the Raft. However, there are steps of about 18 inches down if you are unable get to the front of the boat to step down, though.

      I would give them a call at +1 (800) 992-8022 to describe your situation to be sure.

      I hope this helps,


  43. We are coming to the Grand Canyon around April 28th for a week. Will there be any 1/2 day tours starting at Glen Canyon Dam? Thank you

    1. Julie,

      Yes, it does. So, I would recommend that you also go out and view it from the Rim too!

      The perspective on the River is different from up Above.

      If you have time, I would recommend you go out to the Rim of Horseshoe Bend First!



  44. We are interested in making a trip the week of Feb 2023. Do you offer half day float trips on the Colorado River through Horseshoe Bend on Feb?

    1. Sarah,

      Unfortunately, that is still a really cold time of the year here behind Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River.

      So, the Half Day Float Trips through Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River don’t start until March 1st each year.



  45. Hello,
    we are interested in a the Horseshoebend Rafting trip, but we already have a tour booked at antelope canyon from: 10:20am – 11:50am.

    It is very close to your starting point. However, I do not think we can make it to be there already at 12:00. But 13:00 should not be a problem I think.

    What do you think? Can we be there on time or do we really need to be there at 12:00?

  46. Hi,

    I’d like to buy tickets for Smooth Water Float Trip so can I buy tickets at the entrance or must via a tour company? Thanks

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