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The weather on the East end of the Grand Canyon is for the Marble Canyon, Lee’s Ferry & Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend area.

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  1. Hi, we would like to visit East side of Grand Canyon at first part of November, what weather will be at this time?

    1. The best time to tour the Grand Canyon is when you can come. Having said that, the best weather is generally in late April/early May and mid-September to mid-October; unless you would like to see the Canyon covered in snow. January and February are usually the snowiest months.

    1. Kris,

      The Weather at the end of April is normally starting to warm up on the East side of the Grand Canyon. Since the East side of Grand Canyon is at lower elevations, you are best to look at Tuba City or Page, Arizona weather. And, in April, we generally have some lovely wind to go with the warming weather.


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