Annual Flooding of Grand Canyon

Release Scheduled for 2014

If you will be in the East Rim area during the next couple of days (November 11 to 13th) you may be able to witness the release of water from Glen Canyon Dam that will flood the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River.  Flooding began yesterday.  Water has been released during November since 2012 making this the 3rd annual release.  The water that disappears from Lake Powell will show up at Lake Mead in the amount of about 2.5 feet.

Benefits of Flooding

Flooding the Grand CanyonIn the process of traveling from Lake Powell to Lake Mead it is hoped that the flooding will rebuild beaches along the Colorado River. This will be especially nice for those on White Water Tours because they will have beaches to spend a night on.  It will also benefit the endangered humpback chub.

Other benefits of the flooding will be better trout fishing at Lee’s Ferry and preservation of important archaeological sites along the river.

Sediments from last summers’ monsoonal rains and flooding collected at the confluences of several Colorado River tributaries.  If all goes as planned the sediments will be moved and accumulate on Colorado River beaches throughout the Grand Canyon.

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