Planning Your Grand Canyon Vacation

The Best ways to visit the Grand Canyon South Rim in 4 Hours or Less:

Some Questions you should ask as you plan Your Grand Canyon Vacation:

  1. Is this your First time visiting?
  2. Time of year that you are traveling?
  3. Who you are traveling with and their interests?
  4. How much Time do you have to spend?
  5. What kind of activities do you want to experience?

Grand Canyon Weather by Rim

Grand Canyon has a variety of weather patterns that move around it. Generally speaking, the North Rim elevations go from over 8,000 feet to 7,000 feet above sea level. This creates weather that is cooler and enjoys more precipitation. The South Rim elevations go from 6,000 to 7,000 feet and although cool at night, can warm up dramatically during the day. Grand Canyon West is in the 4,000 elevation range and enjoys quite moderate and warm temperatures. Grand Canyon East is in the 4,000 elevation range and enjoys quite moderate and warm temperatures, as well.

Grand Canyon Planning

Planning Your Grand Canyon Vacation The Best ways to visit the Grand Canyon South Rim in 4 Hours or Less: Download the “Best Way to Visit Grand Canyon in 4 Hours or Less” Click Here Some Questions you should ask

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Grand Canyon North Rim Planning

Visiting Grand Canyon’s North Rim The Grand Canyon North Rim is very close to the Utah Border. It is requires more effort to visit the North Rim than it does to visit the South Rim. It is more remote and

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Grand Canyon East Canyon Planning

Visiting Grand Canyon’s East Canyon Horseshoe Bend, located just 7 miles up river from the actual beginning of Grand Canyon National Park, is fast becoming a MUST VISIT location. The intimate canyon feeling you gain while having your picture taken

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Grand Canyon West Canyon Planning

Visiting Grand Canyon’s West Canyon The Grand Canyon Skywalk is located at Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Tribal lands. Click here  for the Grand Canyon Skywalk price, tickets and address. Temperatures in the summer are warmer than at the South Rim of the

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Grand Canyon South Rim Planning

Visiting Grand Canyon’s South Rim The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the most visited location at Grand Canyon National Park. The Scenic views and vista’s are what you are expecting and have been waiting a lifetime to see.

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Annual Flooding of Grand Canyon

Release Scheduled for 2014 If you will be in the East Rim area during the next couple of days (November 11 to 13th) you may be able to witness the release of water from Glen Canyon Dam that will flood the

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The Road to Grand Canyon West

Road to Skywalk is paved! Have you heard that the road to Grand Canyon West where the Skywalk is located is not paved?  People chatting with me frequently have been told that the road is to be avoided because of the

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The Cabins at Grand Canyon West

Are you planning to drive to the Skywalk?  Do you want to do more than take a day trip?  Maybe you should consider staying at the cabins at Grand Canyon West; at the Hualapai Ranch, in fact.  These cabins are

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What Is Grand Canyon East?

Grand Canyon East Rim Defined The Grand Canyon is essentially a huge rift in the earth extending about 277 miles (446 kilometers) from east to west.  Grand Canyon East is NOT a definition used by the National Park Service.  It

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Rainbow Bridge National Monument

How To See Rainbow Bridge Do you have another exciting day to spend in the Page/Lake Powell area? Why not choose to visit Rainbow Bridge? This National Monument is located up-lake from Page on the Utah side of the lake

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Things To Do – East

Attractions | Hiking | Camping | Whitewater Rafting | Water Sports ATTRACTIONS Little Colorado River Tribal Park – Located at the junction of Highway 89 and Highway 64 in Cameron, Arizona and on the path to the Grand Canyon, stop and see the Little Colorado River Tribal

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What is Monsoon Season at the Grand Canyon?

Description of Arizona’s Monsoon Season Generally when people speak of monsoons it brings a mental image of the horrendous torrential rains that plague Southeastern Asia.  In Arizona we speak of monsoon rains when we have thunderstorms that produce  two or

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Steaming to the Grand Canyon

Replication of 1902 Steam Car Ride To Canyon Two brothers from England are steaming to the Grand Canyon South Rim today and tomorrow. (August 26 & 27, 2014)  They bought the Toledo Steam Car in Michigan at an auction in

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Things To Do – North Rim

Attractions | Ranger Programs | Hiking | Biking  | Camping  | River Running | Mule Trips ATTRACTIONS Grand Canyon North Rim Scenic Drive – The remote quiet beauty of the North Rim can be appreciated on the Scenic drive. Along the route, there are pull-outs and viewpoints to

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