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Steaming to the Grand Canyon

Replication of 1902 Steam Car Ride To Canyon

Two brothers from England are steaming to the Grand Canyon South Rim today and tomorrow. (August 26 & 27, 2014)  They bought the Toledo Steam Car in Michigan at an auction in 2004 and have spent the past eight years restoring it.  Now they are re-creating a trip made in 1902 by Los Angeles Photographer, Oliver Lippencott, two friends and a guide.

The original journey was expected to take about 3 hours but wound up taking 3 days and was plagued with problems from the start.  Because the Howell brothers want to avoid the problems they had, their plans include extra food, water and fuel.  They have contacted the Arizona Trail Association so they could find an authentic path to replicate the original trip.

And here is a link to a story about the original Steam Engine auto ride to the Grand Canyon

If you are at the Grand Canyon tomorrow, go to Grand View Point and wait for the Toledo Steam Car to come steaming to the rim.




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