Do you have info on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon?

April 27, 2012 a conversation with a Visitor while they were on GrandCanyon.com’s home page: Visitor – Do you have info on the north rim of the Grand Canyon? CC – Here is the Grand Canyon travel planner, click on the North Rim. https://grandcanyon.com/pdf/2012-grand-canyon-trip-planner.pdf Visitor – Thank you! CC – Thank you for visiting Grand […]

Grand Canyon North Rim: It’s A Different World!

OK, so you might have heard a few horror stories about Grand Canyon South Rim: it’s hot and crowded in the summertime… hotels booked to the rafters a year in advance… Mule rides? Forget about it! Not only was the Plateau Point ride discontinued, the daily quota for the Phantom Ranch mule ride was slashed […]

I just need some information about visiting the place.

May 13, 2012 (16:48:12)  Visitor – Oh, I just need some information about visiting the place.  We are coming from Salt Lake City and were kind a wondering which part of the area would be much closer from Salt Lake City? (16:48:21)  Rita – One moment please. (16:51:09)  Rita – The Grand Canyon North Rim […]

North Rim: Western Arts Days

  Are you headed to the North Rim this weekend? If so, you will be able to participate in the annual event known as Western Arts Days.   You will learn more about mountain men, cowboys and others who were prominent in preparing the way for the settling of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. There are […]

What is the nearest town with hotels to the North Rim?

Alley: Jacob Lake AZ (~ 1 hour from the North Rim)…. Visitor: Thx Alley: Also there is Marble Canyon AZ or Kanab UT (~90 minutes from the North Rim)… and Page/Lake Powell AZ ~ 2.5 hours from the North Rim. Visitor: Which would you recommend if coming from Flagstaff? Alley: Forget the North Rim – […]