I just need some information about visiting the place.

May 13, 2012

(16:48:12)  Visitor – Oh, I just need some information about visiting the place.  We are coming from Salt Lake City and were kind a wondering which part of the area would be much closer from Salt Lake City?
(16:48:21)  Rita – One moment please.
(16:51:09)  Rita – The Grand Canyon North Rim is actually closer to SLC.
(16:52:21)  Visitor – Thank you, do you have the address?
(16:53:28)  Rita – I don’t believe there is an address for the North Rim. It is very remote. You might try Jacob Lake, AZ 86022.
(16:53:37)  Rita – Jacob Lake is 45 miles North of the North Rim.
(16:54:50)  Rita – Or Fredonia, AZ 86022. That is 75 miles North of the North Rim
(16:54:58)  Visitor – Oh ok, I just look up the place on the website, it seems that it’s too remote and you’re right. What about from Vegas? What area is much closer?
(16:55:20)  Rita – From Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon South Rim is about a 5 hour drive. There is an area called Grand Canyon West, that is about 3 hours from Las Vegas, but it is not part of the National Park.
(16:56:54)  Visitor – Ah okay, and which part would you recommend to be the best place to visit Grand Canyon if we are coming from Vegas, or SLC. That would not take us too much miles to drive.
(16:57:56)  Rita – Unfortunately, the distances I gave are the shortest to see the Grand Canyon. However, we do offer day tours from Las Vegas to the South Rim and to Grand Canyon West:  https://grandcanyon.com/las-vegas-tours.html
(16:58:49)  Visitor – For how much a person for a tour bus? and how long? Just a rough estimate…
(17:00:12)  Rita – Bus trips are all day, 10-12 hours, and range in price from $99 per person to $269 per person depending on what you would like to do and see.
(17:01:26)  Visitor – ok thanks for the info. I’ll just visit the link you recommend and see what we can do. You’ve been so helpful have a nice day! 🙂
(17:01:46)  Rita – Thank you! And, thank you for visiting GrandCanyon.com!

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  1. The first thing to do when planning a Rafting trip is to determine if you are wanting to do a Smoothwater or White Water Rafting trip. The next thing you will want to determine is if you have 1 day or multiple days to do the trip.

    Here are the options we would suggest to you:
    Smoothwater: https://grandcanyon.com/coloradoriverfloattrip.html

    From Williams, Arizona: https://grandcanyon.com/white-water-rafting-tour.html
    From Flagstaff, Arizona: https://grandcanyon.com/white-water-rafting-tour-flagstaff.html
    Multi-Day Whitewater Rafting: https://grandcanyon.com/grand-canyon-whitewater-rafting.html

    Thank you for your comment and if we can answer any other questions don’t hesitate to Click the Help Button.

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