North Rim: Western Arts Days


Western Arts Days
Visitors learn about the life of the mountain man at last year’s Western Arts Day event.

Are you headed to the North Rim this weekend? If so, you will be able to participate in the annual event known as Western Arts Days.   You will learn more about mountain men, cowboys and others who were prominent in preparing the way for the settling of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

There are a lot of activities planned for this event but perhaps the most popular is the cowboy music and poetry around a campfire.  Cowboy and bluegrass music will be provided by the Utah Old Time Fiddlers.  Other activities include beading, roping, flint-knapping, quilting and food preservation.  Fire-making was an activity last year but, due to poor weather conditions may not be an option this year.

If you are unable to attend Saturday’s event, you may want to consider marking your calendar for August 9th and 10th for the Native American Heritage Days event.  This event is also held at the North Rim.

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