Do you have info on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon?

April 27, 2012 a conversation with a Visitor while they were on GrandCanyon.com’s home page:

Visitor – Do you have info on the north rim of the Grand Canyon?
CC – Here is the Grand Canyon travel planner, click on the North Rim.
Visitor – Thank you!
CC – Thank you for visiting Grand Canyon.com

The Grand Canyon’s North Rim generally opens annually on May 15th because of the contract the Park Concessionaire has with the National Park Service. This contract ends on October 15th each year, as well. However, the North Rim typically will remain open until Thanksgiving if there is no major snow fall that would require it to be closed.

The North Rim is just 43 miles south of Jacob Lake Inn. It normally takes a leisurely hour to drive there.

I like to visit the North Rim in the fall when the leaves are changing on the Aspen tree’s. This normally occurs at the end of September and the beginning of October.

There is less visitation to the North Rim, usually 600,000 visitors or so, than the South Rim, usually 3,200,000 visitors or more.

Enjoy the incredible views if you go to the North Rim. Point Imperial, Cape Royal and the views from the North Rim lodge can’t be beat!

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