Is the Mule Ride the Way to Go?

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why Grand Canyon mule rides are so awesome!
  • Why Grand Canyon mule rides are so hard to get reservations for
  • Why you want to take a Grand Canyon mule ride in the first place
  • Why you might not be able to take a Grand Canyon mule ride – or might not want to – even if there is space available
  • How you can still get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and have a lot more fun!

Where to find what YOU want to know:  
:55 – Supply and Demand (or lack of the former and too much of the latter): The number of mules permitted to enter the Grand Canyon each day is so limited that one must make reservations 12-13 months in advance in order to take part!

1:34 – Measuring up (and looking down): All Grand Canyon mule riders must conform to a certain set of physical criteria, no exceptions!  Too big? You won’t ride.  Too small?  Ditto.  Got issues with heights, bad knees, or a bad back?  They might let you ride but you probably wouldn’t want to; who wants to pay good money to end up in excruciating pain or scared silly?

1:45 – Let’s get to the bottom of this: The real reason why you want to go on the Grand Canyon Mule Ride … and how you can still get your wish (even if you don’t get the mule ride)

2:07 – Take me to the river: Learn how the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon can be seen and enjoyed by people from age 5 to 105, of virtually all physical fitness levels.

3:15 – Airplanes and safari jeeps and pontoon boats – oh my!  The Grand Canyon area’s most comprehensive family tour takes you to Northern Arizona’s most famous canyons, all in one incredible day.

4:35 – For our “friends in low places:” Afraid of heights?  Even if you’re not – the Inner Canyon Jeep Tour will get you to the bottom of the Canyon AND keep you on solid ground.

6.40 – Viva Las Vegas!  In the city where all things are possible, getting to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is a piece of cake, whether you have a couple hours or a whole day to spare.

9:24 – …And they say mules are stubborn!  OK, you really really really want to do that mule ride.  Here’s who you need to call and what you need to know before you do.  Good luck!