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Grand Canyon Mule Rides

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Grand Canyon Mule Rides
Just 10 Riders PER DAY

The Grand Canyon Mule Rides were severely limited by the 2011 Grand Canyon Stock Use Plan. There are now ONLY 10 mule saddles daily available to take you to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for an overnight stay at Phantom Ranch. These are the ONLY Grand Canyon Mule rides that go to the BOTTOM of the Grand Canyon. An overnight trip, staying the night at Phantom Ranch, a rustic oasis nestled deep in the Canyon.  You will have lunch at Indian Garden, then proceed along the cliffs of the Inner Gorge, across the Colorado River on the Suspension Bridge, and up Bright Angel Canyon on the north side of the river to Phantom Ranch. Each cabin is furnished with bunk beds, sink, toilet, bedding, soap, and towels. Showers are available.

Grand Canyon Mule Rides
Grand Canyon Mule Rides to Phantom Ranch.

After breakfast the next morning, you return via the South Kaibab Trail, which provides different, yet more unforgettable, panoramic views. After reaching the top, you return via bus to Bright Angel Lodge in time for lunch. The ride down is about 10½ miles (5½ hours) and back up is about 7.3 miles (4½ hours). We provide a small plastic bag for essential toiletries, extra underclothing, swimsuit, etc. Duffle Service is available for additional personal items. This service must be reserved and purchased in advance. This trip includes lunch at Indian Garden, a Steak Dinner at the Ranch, overnight accommodations in a cabin, and breakfast at Phantom Ranch. Mule rides MUST be reserved by calling: 1-888-297-2757 or (303) 297-2757.

We recommend these Tours when the
Phantom Ranch Mule Trips are Sold Out:

The Antelope Canyon With Rafting

Scenic Canyon River Adventure Tour - Video

 Our best adventure tour from the South Rim! This tour gives you a sunrise tour of the Grand Canyon over Marble Canyon on the way to Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon. After landing in Page, Arizona, you will enjoy a 4 Wheel Drive tour to Antelope Canyon. After Antelope Canyon, you will join the Colorado River Float Trip with lunch included. Finally, you will be taken by Motorcoach / Van back to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Click Here to learn more about the Antelope Canyon With Rafting.

Reservations please call: 1-800-634-6801 or (702) 638-3300

The Inner Canyon Tour to the Bottom

Inner Canyon Tour at Colorado River

 The Inner Canyon Tour to the Bottom departs from Williams, Arizona. Here’s the ideal tour for travelers who want to experience the Grand Canyon from top to bottom AND stay on solid ground. On the Inner Canyon Tour, you’ll experience some of Arizona’s living history from the rim to the river - and places in between. Click Here to learn more about the Inner Canyon to the Bottom.

Reservations please call: 1-928-779-3163

2 Hour Canyon Vista Mule Rides

The Canyon Vistas Mule Ride is a four-mile, two-hour mule ride that travels directly along the east rim of the canyon.  The entire adventure to include travel time to and from the barn is 3 hours. The Mule Wranglers that lead the trip will stop six times along the trail to provide interpretive information about the geologic formations, cultural history, the area’s native people, the surrounding forest and more. There are up to 20 riders per departure. Water and water bottles are included. Rain jackets are provided.

Reservations please call: 1-888-297-2757 or (303) 297-2757

Safety Rider Qualifications
(These apply to all mule ride activities)

Grand Canyon Mule Rider's Qualifications
  • All skill-levels of riders are welcome
  • Riders must be in good physical condition
  • Phantom Ranch: Riders must weigh less than 200 pounds, fully dressed
  • Canyon Vistas: Riders must weigh less than 225 pounds, fully dressed
  • Riders must be at least 4 feet, 7 inches tall
  • Each rider must be able to speak and understand fluent English
  • Long sleeve shirts, long pants, hats and close-toed shoes are required
  • Riders should not be afraid of heights or large animals
  • Riders cannot be pregnant

The mules are carefully selected for strength, endurance, and temperament. They are thoroughly trained by the guides so that they are well adapted to the unique environment and work situation of the Grand Canyon. Although we have 80 years of experience in working with mules, they are animals and not always predictable. The restrictions we place on the rides are intended for safety and to avoid distracting or disturbing the mules. There is always an element of risk due to trail conditions, other trail users, and sudden appearances of wildlife native to the Grand Canyon. While serious accidents or injury seldom occur, risk is minimized by carefully following the Trail Guide's instructions.


Many riders will experience a great deal of soreness after having been on mules in the Grand Canyon all day. It is suggested that you not plan heavy activities for the day after your mule ride. When you consider all that is required, you might be asking yourself, "Is a Grand Canyon Mule Ride the way to go?"

Grand Canyon Mule Rides Advanced Planning

Mule Rides are available on a limited basis. You should make your reservations for the overnight tour 13 months in advance on the first day of the month you want the tour.  Canyon Vistas rides should be reserved 6 to 8 months in advance.

For Mule Rides, Please Contact:
Xanterra Grand Canyon National Park Lodges Central Reservations at:
1-888-297-2757 -OR- 1-303-297-2757 Int'l Toll

North Rim Grand Canyon Mule Rides
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