Carving Grand Canyon by Wayne Ranney

The Mississippi… the Columbia… the Snake… Could any of these fabled rivers have carved a chasm like the Grand Canyon?  Perhaps in theory.  But fate chose the Colorado River of Northern Arizona to sculpt this one-of-a-kind natural masterpiece, even when, by all rights, it should have been stopped in its tracks.

The formation of the Grand Canyon has enthralled and perplexed scientists and laymen for decades.  Wayne Ranney is one such individual.  In Carving Grand Canyon, this distinguished geologist and award winning author breaks the answers to this complex issue down into what we know, what we think we know, and what we still don’t know; and just how much still falls into the third category will surprise you!  This is a story of a river that defied the odds and went on to create a landscape that defies comprehension.  Even if your visit here is a short one, Carving Grand Canyon will help you understand and appreciate the miracle that the Grand Canyon truly is.  Order your copy from the Grand Canyon Association Bookstore.

When describing Wayne Ranney’s career, you can say that he started at the bottom and worked his way up – literally!  From his first job at Phantom Ranch, the Grand Canyon’s coveted tourist camp on the canyon floor, he has moved on to teach geology at Yavapai College, Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University.  He has lectured all over the country, and guided a few river trips and led a few trail hikes in between.  It is a tough job, but Wayne Ranney is glad to do it.
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