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Where can we park the car to catch a bus?

Shuttle Transportation - Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Visitor - We are staying in Tusayan and would like to explore the South Rim? Where can we park the car to catch a bus?
Visitor - And what is an ideal spot to watch the sunset?
Rita - There are several places in Tusayan to catch the shuttle into the Park, and they are well marked. The IMAX theater is one location.
Rita - Please keep in mind the Tusayan Shuttle does not begin until May 12, through September 7th  and for Sunset, anywhere along the rim is Great!
Visitor - Oops, we get there tomorrow; can we park inside the village?
Rita - Yes, you can drive inside the Park entrance and then pick up the "in-park" shuttle.
Rita - There are several places to pick up the shuttle and they are very well marked.
Rita - I would suggest catching the shuttle at the first parking lot you come to after entering the park.
Rita - Parking in the Village is usually full.

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