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The Best Grand Canyon View in Arizona for 2011

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is considered the best Grand Canyon view in Arizona in 2011.

The largest glass bridge in the world is cantilevered over the Grand Canyon by 70 feet, this magnificent walk can be appreciated by ALL ages. An engineering marvel, the Skywalk opened in 2007 and has had over 1.5 million visitors since that day. Over 400,000 of those visitors came to experience this glass bridge in 2011 alone.

It weighs about 1.2 millions pounds. The Skywalk is located on the Hualapai Tribal Nation in Northwestern Arizona. It is just 1 1/2 hours from Kingman and approximately 2 1/2 hours from Las Vegas.  For complete driving directions to Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas - Click Here.

See this map below:
Driving directions to Grand Canyon Skywalk

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