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My Ultimate Grand Canyon Adventure of a Lifetime

From Lee's Ferry to Pierce Ferry in 28 Days!

I've been working out with PhenixFitt.com here for coming up on nine months now, and I've got a big event coming up in my life that I'm very excited about, which I am now prepared for. Well, you've done an outstanding job. We're so proud of you here at PhenixFitt.com, but tell me how this starts.

Karlyn is gonna go on the Ultimate Grand Canyon Adventure Of A Lifetime for him. I would not recommend this to most visitors. In fact uh, there's only a few other visitors I'd recommend it to . This is a combination of doing whitewater rafting, canyoneering and backpacking through the Grand Canyon, all 277 miles from Lee's Ferry to Pierce Ferry.

And so, I wanted to put together just some quick information on where we'll begin and then we'll start talking about what's gonna happen each day on this Ultimate Grand Canyon Adventure that I've been invited on. I will make one point real quick. It's really important to number One, be prepared. And number Two, to be going with people who have the same skillset.

It just turns out that I happen to be invited and I'm going with some highly trained Canyoneers, some of the best in Southern Utah, and so very excited. Can't believe this opportunity is presented itself and looking forward to My Ultimate Grand Canyon Adventure. So look forward to learning more tomorrow.

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