My husband and I are planning to visit the Grand Canyon next year.

May 3, 2012 – while visiting https://grandcanyon.com/maps.html.

Visitor – My husband and I are planning to visit the Grand Canyon next year. We want to go in September.
Sandy – That is a great time to come.
Visitor – I have been several times, albeit a LONG time ago. He has never been.
Sandy – What kind of activities are you looking for?
Visitor – We would like to start in Las Vegas, tour Hoover Dam, see the Skywalk and stay at the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge a couple of days.
Sandy – Okay,  that will be a lot of driving.
Sandy – Hoover dam is on your way to the skywalk, but then you will either need to turn around and go back to get to the North Rim or go all the way around.
Visitor – Yes, we plan to stop along the way. I read on the internet that the Skywalk was taken over by the Indian tribes.
Sandy – The skywalk has always been on Hualapai Tribal lands…
Visitor – We will probably turn around to get to the north rim.
Sandy – You will need to plan a full day for visiting Hoover dam and the Skywalk.
Visitor – Yes, I realized that the Skywalk is located on Indian land.
Visitor – I just wanted to make sure it is still open to the public.
Visitor – I want to see it, but I have no intentions of walking on it.
Sandy – It is open but even if you don’t walk on it, you will have to pay the admission fee.
Visitor – A full day for the Dam and the skywalk. I did not factor that in. Thank you for that information!!
Sandy – You should probably spend a night in Vegas before going to the North Rim.
Sandy – The North Rim is about 5 hours drive time from Las Vegas.
Visitor – We are planning on it. We live in Tracy, CA. This is on the edge of the Central Valley, approximately 75 miles from Las Vegas
Sandy – The skywalk is about 3 hours each way.
Visitor – How far is the Skywalk from the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge?
Sandy – It takes about 7 to 8 hours to drive from one to the other depending on traffic and road construction.
Visitor – Much further than I thought. Are you aware of any camping between the Skyrim and the Lodge?
Visitor – So we will have to enter Utah. Um…
Visitor – Okay, thank you for this information.
Sandy – I-15 goes into Utah from Las Vegas.
Visitor – I don’t have detailed maps of the area yet, but I will.
Sandy – That would be your closest acess to the north rim
Visitor – I knew that much, but I just did not realize we would be crossing into the Utah border to get to the North Rim. Interesting…
Sandy – Into Utah and back into Arizona.
Visitor – Have you ever stayed at the North Rim Lodge? Would you recommend it or are there too many tourists?
Sandy – I haven’t actually stayed at the lodge but some friends have. the north rim isn’t as touristy as the south,  so it isn’t as busy.
Sandy – However, September is a busy month because the weather is usually perfect.
Visitor – I see. I have traveled a fair amount, but my husband of three years has not.
Sandy – I definitely recommend it – north rim is my favorite for the views.
Sandy – My husband likes the north rim much better than the south.
Visitor – I figured September because of the weather. Maybe we should go end of August first of September
Sandy – I would suggest mid September.
Sandy – August is still hot and busy with families.
Visitor – As a youngster, my family did the south rim three or four times, and the north rim once. Since this is my husband’s first trip, I wanted him to see the canyon when it is least busy.
Sandy – Mid-sept or later 🙂
Visitor – Okay, mid September it is. I was planning on September 21
Sandy – Perfect!
Visitor – I don’t know if we will actually stay at the Lodge, but after we spend a day or so on the North Rim, we will be heading home–hopefully a different direction. I love exploring and hate backtracking. There is too much to see to backtrack.
Sandy – I agree
Visitor – Sandy…you have been a wealth of knowledge–THANK YOU!!!! You have confirmed that I am at least on the right track.
Sandy –  See Zion National Park for returning home from the North rim.
Visitor – Best regards!
Sandy – You’re welcome. thanks for visiting.
Visitor – Sounds excellent!
Visitor – By the way, will this chat session be emailed to me if I leave an email address?
Sandy – Yes, I will email it to you if you leave your email address.
Visitor – Thank you very much!!
Sandy – You’re welcome. I’ll send this right away.

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