Is the South Rim the best location to see the Canyon and stay?

April 9, 2012

(23:41:02)  Visitor – Is the south rim the best location to see the canyon and stay
(23:42:10)  CC – It is the most popular area to visit.
(23:42:27)  Visitor – Why is that?
(23:43:33)  CC – The South Rim offer the most tours, the most developed area with the most Hotel Rooms and it’s opened year round.  Also, most pictures that you have seen over the course of time are from the South Rim.
(23:45:57)  Visitor –  Great…any sugestions on where to stay. We are a Family of 4. We prefer close to canyon sites that are moderately priced.
(23:47:59)  CC – I would suggest staying in Tusayan, AZ (community just outside park boundaries). For more reasonable hotels Williams, AZ (hour drive away) Flagstaff, AZ (1 and a half drive away).
(23:48:48)  CC – If you are looking for Lodging right inside the park boundaries visit www.grandcanyonlodges.com
(23:49:53)  Visitor –  Thanks for the info. I think we will look at Tusayan.

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