I’m looking for a tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon in June

May 1, 2012 – while visiting https://grandcanyon.com/lasgcnbus.html on GrandCanyon.com, a visitor asked:

Visitor – Hi, i’m looking for a tour from las vegas to grand Canyon in June. I’m just wondering how ‘s the weather in June at Grand Canyon..Is it too hot like Las Vegas?
Rita – The Grand Canyon South Rim will be cooler because it is higher.

Grand Canyon South Rim – Average Temperatures
Rita – Probably more like 80’s rather than Las Vegas’s 90-100.
Rita – Here are some tours from Las Vegas:https://grandcanyon.com/las-vegas-tours.html
Rita – The Grand Canyon Deluxe and the Grand Canyon Super Deluxe both go to the South Rim.
Rita – There is also a South Rim Bus tour from Las Vegas.
Visitor – They can pick us up at the hotel, right? I have 6 people.
Visitor – I booked the hotel Circus Circus.
Rita – Yes, hotel pick ups are included in the price of your tour.
Rita – Yes, they definitely pick up at Circus Circus.
Visitor – Breakfast and lunch are not included? I didn’t read the information yet.
Rita – Lunch is included in all of the day tours to the South Rim. Breakfast is not.
Visitor – That’s ok… I will look at some more information on your website…with that weather I think we will go there…thanks much.
Rita – You are welcome! Thank you for visiting GrandCanyon.com!
Visitor – Oh, one more question, how much is the ticket? I have 2 kids and 4 adults for the bus tour.
Rita – Let me check that for you.
Visitor loaded: https://grandcanyon.com/las-vegas-tours.html
Rita – The South Rim Bus tour is $84 per person, children ages 2-11 are $20 less. These are current prices and subject to change due to fuel price increases.
Visitor – Thanks, Rita

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