I am trying to plan a vacation for my parents.

Visitor – I am trying to plan a vacation for my parents so I’m looking to see what is available…
Rita – Are they interested in visiting the Grand Canyon South Rim?
Visitor – What is the South Rim?
Rita – The Grand Canyon has “rims” you can visit.
Rita – Each one offers a different experience
Rita – The South Rim is the most visited, the most accessible to the public
Visitor – How can I find out what they are like?
Rita – Let me find some information for you.
Visitor – So, do you recommend the South Rim???
Rita – Here is a Travel Planner: https://grandcanyon.com/pdf/2012-grand-canyon-trip-planner.pdf
Rita – When people see pictures of the Grand Canyon it is usually of the South Rim. It has beautiful views and offers more in the way of lodging, restaurants, museums.
Rita – Here is some more information for you: https://grandcanyon.com/travel.html
Visitor – Are there tours available from Las Vegas?
Rita – Definitely! Let me find those for you.
Visitor – You are so helpful!
Rita – Las Vegas tours:  https://grandcanyon.com/las-vegas-tours.html
Rita – Several of the tours from Las Vegas cover an area called Grand Canyon West.
Rita – Grand Canyon West is not located in the National Park, but is on Indian Tribal land, and is a high desert region versus the forest area of the South Rim.
Visitor – So would the South Rim be nicer?
Rita – The South Rim is considered the “true” Grand Canyon National Park. However, Grand Canyon West is in the Grand Canyon.
Visitor – Oh, I see.
Rita – There are tours from Las Vegas that take in the South Rim.
Rita – These tours are all day tours because of the distance.
Visitor – How far away is Las Vegas?
Rita – The South Rim is 5 hours from Las Vegas, while Grand Canyon West is only 3 hours from Las Vegas.
Visitor – Is Las Vegas the closest place to fly to?
Rita – Las Vegas is usually less expensive air fare from most cities, but Phoenix is about the same distance from Grand Canyon South Rim.
Rita – There are commuter flights into Flagstaff, AZ from Phoenix.
Rita – Flagstaff is about 90 minutes from the South Rim.
Visitor – Oh, I see. I think Las Vegas will be the most economical than for them.
Visitor – What time of year is best?
Rita – Spring and Fall are best. The summers are hot in Las Vegas and warm at the South Rim, although not as hot as Las Vegas.
Rita – Would you like lodging options for the South Rim? They do book up quickly.
Visitor – Are there tours that include lodging?
Rita – We offer day tours or less. We can only recommend lodging.
Visitor – Ok. Is it cheapest to lodge in Las Vegas or at the South Rim?
Rita – Las Vegas hotels are very reasonable and plentiful.
Rita – The South Rim lodging is more expensive and there are not as many options to choose from.
Visitor – So then the tour would begin at Las Vegas?
Rita – Yes, many of the tours do begin in Las Vegas and include hotel pick up and drop off.
Visitor – Thanks so much for your help. You have given me some good ideas. I will continue looking around.
Rita – Take your time, and let me know if you need more information!

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