I am planning a road trip across america and one of our stops is the grand canyon!

May 8, 2012 – chat conversation with a GrandCanyon.com visitor.

Visitor – Hi! I am planning a road trip across america and one of our stops is the grand canyon! We will only be visiting it for one day and plan on sleeping nearby in a hotel.
Visitor – We mainly want to ‘view’ the canyon at the most desireable views.
Alley – Hi thanks for visiting
Alley – The most “desirable” views are definitely from Grand Canyon South Rim. As for where you might stay, when are you planning on visiting?
Visitor – October of this year or April of next year
Visitor – We haven’t decided because my vacation time is varying.
Alley – Very good. Staying inside the park is always most desirable, but those Grand Canyon hotels fill the quickest. For availability and pricing, visit www.grandcanyonlodges.com or call 888-297-2757
Visitor loaded: https://grandcanyon.com/hotels.html
Visitor – Are there plenty of hotels that aren’t in the park?
Alley – If you are unable to find lodging inside the park, the next best option is Tusayan, Arizona just outside the park (the page you just clicked on).
Visitor – Ah yes, this is probably more our budget.
Alley – “Plenty?” No – there are 6 hotels inside the park, all of which fill 6 months to a year in advance, so if you’re visiting in October, they’re down to slim pickings.
Alley – But you might still find availability in Tusayan/GC Village South
Visitor – So if we were going in April of next year I would probably want to book around December?
Alley – If you want to stay inside the park, booking now would actually be the way to go, especially if you’d like to stay in one of the rimside properties.
Alley – Please watch our video on Grand Canyon hotels in-park ->: https://youtu.be/y2_YbePEsR0

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