Fire Restrictions at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Forest Fire - North RimWhat type of fires are banned?

Fire restrictions will go into effect at 8 a.m. on Friday June 13, 2014 and will be in effect in all areas of the National Park except the Colorado River corridor.  This means no fires of any kind will be allowed nor will charcoal barbecues.  The ban will be enforced in campgrounds and residential areas.

What devices will be allowed?

If you are planning to use a liquid or gas stove, lantern or heater with a shut-off device it will still be allowed in the National Park.

How long will the ban last?

These restrictions will be in effect until enough moisture falls to bring the fire danger levels back down.  This is expected to occur during the Monsoon season which generally starts in July. For more information check out the official news release from the National Park website.

Fire restrictions in the National Forests bordering the National Park

The Tusayan and Williams Kaibab National Forest Ranger District had already banned fires in the forest near the South Rim and Flagstaff.   The fire danger is extremely high in those areas as well and the ban has been in effect since May 30th.

Fire restrictions at Lake Powell – Glen Canyon Recreation Area

The updated fire restrictions for the Lake Powell area now do not permit fire outside a fire pit in a designated site but will allow campfires and charcoal fires in the area below the high waterline as long as there is not vegetation.  Also there are restrictions on smoking.

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