Globally Important Bird Area dedicated at the Grand Canyon

On Saturday, September 13, 2014 there will be a dedication ceremony at the Grand Canyon South Rim.  The park will be dedicated as a Globally Important Bird Area during its 7th Annual Celebrate Wildlife Day.  If you want to attend the dedication ceremony you should take the orange shuttle bus from the Visitor Center no later than 12:45 pm in order to be at Yaki Point by the 1:30 pm starting time.

Globally Important Bird Areas are places that  provide critical habitat for one or more species of birds.  The Grand Canyon qualifies as an essential habitat for the following endangered bird species: the California Condor, the Mexican Spotted Owl, the Pinyon Jay and the Peregrine Falcon.

Other Wildlife Day events will be going on between 10 am and 4 pm with a lot of fun for everyone.  There are free outdoor programs, live animal demonstrations, family friendly activities and more.  For more information visit the National Park Service webpage.

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