Grand Canyon Coach and River Trip

Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

Book Your Grand Canyon Coach and River Trip Your visit to the Grand Canyon won’t be complete if you simply view it from the rim! Give in to your  longing to find a way to get to the bottom of the Canyon and spend time on the Colorado River by taking this tour.  You will find incredible […]

North Canyon With EcoStar

Is it possible to appreciate 2 billion years of geologic history in just 20-25 minutes? Is it possible to enjoy a Grand Canyon air tour in an environmentally responsible way? Absolutely – now you can Upgrade the North Canyon to a quiet, environmentally friendly EcoStar Helicopter Tour! North Canyon With EcoStar Helicopter Tour Flight length: […]

Hoover Dam Motor Coach Tour

Hoover Dam Motor Coach Tour - Button

Explore the ins and outs of the Hoover Dam – on the Las Vegas Hoover Dam Motorcoach Tour! What’s Included: Hotel pick-up Transportation by motor coach from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam 1.5 hour stay at Hoover Dam Access to Visitor Center, exhibit area, museum and the “Construction of the Hoover Dam” movie VIP Hoover […]

Highlights Air Tour

Highlights Air Tour - Button

If you’ve come as far as Las Vegas, you’ve come too far NOT to see the Grand Canyon. The problem is your schedule is jam-packed with other activities. If you can free up about three hours of your time, then we can show you the Grand Canyon, and a whole lot more. What’s Included: 70-minute […]

Indian Country Adventure

Indian Country Adventure - Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours

Here’s a Grand Canyon tour that truly lets you experience the best of both worlds – see the Grand Canyon from the Air and then from the ground on the Indian Adventure Tour! TOUR DURATION:7 Hours (hotel to hotel) What’s Included: Flight from Las Vegas area to Grand Canyon West *Self Guided* 3.5 hour rim […]