Indian Country Adventure

Indian Country Adventure - Book Online

Here’s a Grand Canyon tour that truly lets you experience the best of both worlds – see the Grand Canyon from the Air and then from the ground on the Indian Adventure Tour!

TOUR DURATION:7 Hours (hotel to hotel)
Airplane - Grand Canyon West

What’s Included:

  • Flight from Las Vegas area to Grand Canyon West
  • *Self Guided* 3.5 hour rim tour
  • Plenty of time for shopping, photos, and exploration
  • Box Lunch to enjoy at your leisure
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

The history of the Grand Canyon is not just seen in the formation of the land, but in its inhabitants and their culture. Taking off on the “Indian Adventure” aboard a Vistaliner airplane will give you the Canyon’s celebrated scenery – Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the West Rim – and then drop you in the middle of the Hualapi Nation. Upon arrival at the terminal the area shuttle service takes you to the Indian Village, which consists of five small exhibits depicting not only the Hualapai Tribe, but three other Arizona tribes and their authentic hand-constructed dwellings that are representative of many Plains Indians.

Indian Country Adventure - Book Online

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