North Canyon with Sunset Hummer

Tour Length: North Canyon Helicopter Tour ~ 20 to 25 Minutes & Grand Sunset Jeep Safari Tour ~ 3 Hours
(Requires a 3 minute drive between the Papillon Helicopter Terminal and the Sunset Jeep Safari departure point.)North Canyon with Sunset Jeep Excursion - Book Online

The Grand Canyon is huge – that much you can comprehend.  The best time to view the Grand Canyon is at Sunset too. Now we’ved combined the North Canyon Helicopter Tour and the Grand Sunset Jeep Safari Tour to give you the best of both worlds!

Make your once in a lifetime Grand Canyon vacation a memory that you’ll treasure, and a learning experience that will stay with you forever.   On the North Canyon helicopter tour, you’ll see areas of the Grand Canyon that are virtually inaccessible to man – even the most hard-core hikers. After lifting off from your helipad, you’ll glide over the primeval Kaibab National Forest.  But just as you’re getting relaxed, the forest disappears – and the depth of the Grand Canyon is right in your face!   You have now “entered the Dragon.”

Bell Helicopter of Grand CanyonOnly in a helicopter can you get this up close and personal with the canyon from the air, and so quickly.  You’ll return to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport via the Dragon Corridor also – a second chance to catch sights you might have missed on the flight over.  Flight length is approximately thirty minutes.

Next, you’ll experience the Grand Sunset Safari Jeep Tour (3 hours approx.) that ventures deep into the Kaibab National Forest searching for elk, deer, and other species of wildlife, and concludes with sunset at the edge of the Grand Canyon. During this Grand Canyon tour you will have the opportunity to climb an eighty foot lookout tower that views the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and San Francisco Peaks! Bring your camera on this expedition – you don’t want to miss any of the awesome scenery and abundant wildlife.

At the end of it all, you will experienced two of the best experiences you can have the Grand Canyon’s South Rim!

North Canyon with Sunset Jeep Excursion - Book Online

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