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Grand Canyon Hikes

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Destination: Grand Canyon
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Departure: Flagstaff, AZ
Grand Canyon Hikes

You’ve come all this way…and now, you’ve peered down into the great gorge and abyss known as the Grand Canyon. But what’s down there? Well, how about some Grand Canyon Hikes to see what is really down there?

Grand Canyon Hikes

Adventure Southwest offers 4  private day hiking trips for all ages and ability levels. These 4 trails are all accessible from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. You choose which Trail you think you would be most interested.

Bright Angel Trail
Grand Canyon Hikes - Bright Angel Trail
This is the historic Trail that Teddy Roosevelt first experienced the inner gorge on back in 1913. Descending into the Canyon right in front of the Kolb Studio, you will see Indian Garden, the Battleship, and Plateau Point below.
Difficulty: 2/5  Hike length: 3 to 10 miles round-trip (depending on your preference)  Elevation gain: 1120-2400 feet

South Kaibab Trail
South Kaibab Trail - Grand Canyon Hikes

Built in 1924 as an alternate route into the Inner Gorge because Senator Ralph Cameron controlled the Bright Angel Trail. This is a quick and steep descent into the Grand Canyon. However, it offers incredible views at Cedar Mesa and Ooh Aah Point both up Canyon and down Canyon.
Difficulty: 3/5  Hike length: 3 miles round-trip Elevation gain: 1150 feet

Tanner Trail
Tanner Trail Grand Canyon Hikes

Named after Seth Tanner who improved it in 1890. The Tanner Trail allowed early miners access to their claims and was used as the southern component of the disreputable Horsethief Route.
Difficulty: 4/5   Hike length: 4 miles round-trip  Elevation gain: 1600 feet

Grandview Trail
Grandview Trail - Grand Canyon Hikes

Begins where the historic Grandview Hotel once stood that was operated by Pete Berry. Before the El Tovar, Bright Angel, Maswik and Yavapai Lodges were even thought about…this was your view at the Grand Canyon in the late 1800’s. As you descend into the Canyon, you will be viewing Horseshoe Mesa and the Inner Gorge.
Difficulty: 5/5   Hike length: 2.5 miles round-trip   Elevation gain: 1200 feet

Hermit Trail
Hermit Trail began as a horse thief trail. It was later used by prospectors seeking gold in the heart of the canyon. You will see the remains of a railroad camp that was established in the late 1800’s. The Hermit Trail is a beautiful piece of the Grand Canyon’s legacy and a great place for solitude.
Difficulty: 4/5  Hike length: 3.2 miles round-trip  Elevation gain: 1400 feet

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Door-to-door Transportation from any hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. Sedona pickups can be made for parties of 5 or more.
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