Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Tours


Whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon – home of some of the world’s most exciting rapids – is the adventure of a lifetime, but one few people realize is accessible to them. Less than 1 percent of all the tourists who visit the Grand Canyon each year experience the splendor and grandeur of this magical place from the mighty Colorado River!
To truly connect with the intimate canyon and to best gain this unique perspective, treat yourself to a multi-day rafting trip. Grand Canyon Whitewater tours include day hikes to hidden ruins, petroglyph sites, waterfalls and side canyons – scenes most Grand Canyon visitors will never discover.

To learn more about trip options, call Grand Canyon Whitewater at 800-343-3121 or go online to and let us and help you create memories you will treasure forever.

A Grand Canyon Whitewater representative can help you book your rafting trip, or you can book on your own at . If you have any questions at any point, or would like to talk with someone about what to expect on your adventure, call the office at 800-343-3121.

Your deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your spot and the balance for your trip is due 90 days before the departure date. Most trips can be made round-trip from Las Vegas, Nev.

Grand Canyon Whitewater provides all the camping and kitchen gear you will need, as well as dry bags for your personal belongings. Guides also provide and prepare all meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Grand Canyon Whitewater will send a detailed packing list when you book that will offer suggestions about the personal items you should bring.

Now let’s go rafting!

A whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon is the vacation of a lifetime and, chances are, you would have a great time with any one of the park-approved outfitters. However, we at Grand Canyon Whitewater believe we offer several distinct advantages that might help make your choice easier.

Our ownership and senior staff account for more than 40 years of experience rafting the Colorado River. We bring that experience, along with our dedication to training, safety and attention to detail, to every trip we launch in the Grand Canyon.  Our guides make sure our guests are surrounded by a safe environment with quality food, the latest and newest equipment, and entertaining and enlightening Canyon interpretation.

We hope you will choose Grand Canyon Whitewater to share your experience in the Grand Canyon, whether it’s your first encounter with whitewater rafting or a long-awaited reunion with the majestic Colorado.

Rod and Therese were guests on a 7-day motorized Grand Canyon Whitewater tour through the full length of the Grand Canyon. Although Ron describes himself as “not really a roughing-it camper type,” the husband and wife team encourage anyone, at any fitness level, to experience the Grand Canyon in a unique way, “from the bottom up.”

The trip was “unlike anything else” for the longtime Arizona residents, who had only previously seen the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. Guides took great care of them and showed them waterfalls, side canyons and “beautiful scenery that, really, you’ve only seen in pictures … that you can’t see any other way.”

Rod’s advice for everyone: “Don’t wait. Do it now. Now is the time to get out and explore the Grand Canyon.”

To learn more about trip options, call Grand Canyon Whitewater at 800-343-3121 or go online to and let us and help you create memories you will treasure forever.

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