Havasupai Tribe Announces Updates for Grand Canyon Travelers

Hey, it’s 2023 and we wanna welcome you to the Grand Canyon Weekly update. This is the January 8th update and uh, just wanna welcome C-Ray Knowles. He’s joining us today. He’s looking at coming to the Grand Canyon and I believe he’s looking forward to it.

You looking forward to it. C-Ray. I am super excited. The only time I’ve been close is when I was like 12 years old and I flew over it heading to California and I’m like, I really want to go there, and I hadn’t made it yet, so I’m excited about getting there. Awesome. And we hope that you’ll put the Grand Canyon on your bucket list this year as well.

Wanna start out with the major headline of 2023, and that is that Havasupai and Havasu Falls are opening. Now, they will open February 1st, but they will be fulfilling reservations from 2020 and 2021, so there won’t be any reservations available for 2023 unless you go look at their transfer board and see if there are those who want to sell their reservations to actually get a reservation.
Uh, anew, you’re gonna have to wait till 2024. But again, go ahead and check the transfer board. Make sure you go to HavasupaiReservations.com or HavasupaiLodge.Com and that’s what you’re seeing here on the screen. Also, make sure that you check their official Facebook page, which is the Havasupai Tribe Tourism.

So that’s the big news of 2023. Next, we just wanna jump into the weekly weather. A great place to get the forecast at the Grand Canyon is the National Weather Services website. I really like it. They give you a granular breakdown. Right now we’ve received snow here recently. Looks like we’re looking for some more snow Thursday.

What you’re concerned about though, is starting Sunday, mostly cloudy, mostly sunny. And then I love to look at the 10 day forecast over on weather.com. It’ll also give us the breakout here from Sunday the eighth forward, partly cloudy normal temperatures for this time of the year, forties during the day, and twenties at night.

It’s crisp in January at the Grand Canyon. And then a great thing to check before you come, or as you’re getting here, make sure you check the National Parks website. Just get the quick updates. The roads are icy for Wednesday, January 4th. What’s closed, what’s open? And then I love the webcams page.

And that’s what we’re on right now. We can see what’s in the Grand Canyon. This is from Yavapai Point. This is the South entrance gate. People are, oh wow. Lining up. Look at that. And we can see snow on the ground. There’s about eight to 10 inches. I came through Flagstaff a couple of days ago and yep, there’s plenty of snow there right now.

Here’s the view from the Kolb Studio, and then there’s someone going down the Bright Angel Trail, the most hiked trail at Grand Canyon. One more resource I wanna suggest to you, which is really important, is AZ five eleven.gov. And right now we can see that the east rim is closed, the road’s closed, and if we jump back over here, you’ll also see that the, they’re telling us, uh, that the roads mm-hmm.

uh, Are closed as well. So some great resources. Well, uh, you can come on over here to GrandCanyon.com. We link to the the Park, to Papillon, and to the Chamber, and you can get your “Ultimate Grand Canyon Adventure Guide”. And then make sure you drop by the GrandCanyonCVB.org. That’s the Grand Canyon Chambers website.

And that’s where these Grand Canyon Travel News Weeklys will be posted. Oh, wow. Is here on this page each sunday. And so Sunday, January 8th will be the first one, and this is a part of that show. So have any questions C-Ray? Well, I’m super excited about all these resources and learning more.

We’re looking forward to sharing this with all who are planning on visiting this year. So we’d love to
see you at the Grand Canyon. Come join us and this is your Grand Canyon Travel News Weekly update.

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