Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tour

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tour will take you to one of the lesser known, but highly sought after slot canyons in the Southwest. Located near Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona, the Horseshoe Bend Slot canyon is sought out by those who want to avoid the crowds of Antelope Canyon. It truly is a photographer’s dreeam!

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tour

Your experience begins with a shaded, open-air tour vehicle taking a short 3 mile drive from Page, Arizona near Horseshoe Bend. Just after passing the parking lot for world renowned Horseshoe Bend Overlook, you will leave the highway by turning left onto a private dirt road. You will then take a thrilling off-road ride through sandy washes, rolling hills, and past the sandstone mesa’s of Navajoland to the secluded Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon. There you will enjoy a nature hike to the entrance of the narrow and winding slot canyon.

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Photographer

Here you will have time to photograph and explore one of the longest slot canyons on the Navajo Nation. You will be guided for up to an hour through Horseshoe Bend slot canyon. This slot canyon provides a great deal of quiet compared to other Slot Canyon tours. Your group will be the ONLY visitors experiencing this canyon. This ensures the highest quality experience of all of the slot canyons on the Navajo Nation. This is a photographer’s delight.

The tour guides are knowledgeable, experienced and courteous so that you will have a safe and fun adventure.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 1/2 hours
  • Includes Navajo Nation Park Fee & Tax
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Bottled Water is provided

Horseshoe Bend Tours
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