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Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon

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Destination: Antelope Canyon
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Departure: Page, AZ
Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope CanyonLower Antelope Canyon With Boat Tour

Who knew that Antelope Canyon tours were becoming just as hard to get on as Grand Canyon mule rides? While that may be a slight exaggeration, we’re not kidding when we say that when it comes to booking Antelope Canyon tours, you’d better have the patience of Job, especially if you want to see both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. Why? Because you’ll have to check availability with six — count ‘em, six — tour companies, have a plan B, C, D, and E, in the likely event you find your desired departure times sold out, and possibly rearrange your whole Page, AZ, vacation schedule in order to make it work.

Boy, do we have good news for you: now, it’s possible to book your Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon Tour in one single reservation! On the Upper + Lower Antelope Canyon Tour, your adventure will begin at Chief Tsosie’s Antelope Slot Canyon Tours in downtown Page, AZ. You’ll board custom-built safari trucks and take an exciting off-road ride to the mouth of Upper Antelope Canyon. As you leave the hot desert air behind, and enter the cool confines of this hallowed hall sculpted by rushing waters and blowing sand, you’ll understand why photos of this slot canyon landscape have fetched millions of dollars on the fine art market. As sunbeams play on the sandstone walls, the chambers of the canyon are illuminated in soft hues of brown, ochre, maroon, beige, mauve, pink, and coral, contrasting beautifully against a clear blue sky above. This place is truly magical, and best of all, requires very little physical exertion to visit.

After spending approximately one hour enjoying this branch of Antelope Canyon, you’ll head back to Page, AZ, and receive directions to Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours for the second phase of your tour! In Lower Antelope Canyon, an intermittent flash-flooding creek has carved yet another exquisite slot canyon formation, this time burrowing deep within the sandstone bedrock beneath the sand. This branch of the canyon is every bit as beautiful as Upper, but a bit more labor-intensive, requiring you to walk for about 10 minutes from the check-in pavilion to the canyon’s entrance, descend a series of ladders to enter the slot canyon, navigate a few ladders, stairs, and boulders as you hike through the canyon, then ascend a final series of ladders to exit. Throughout both phases of your Antelope Canyon tour, your Navajo Indian guides will give you hints on where the best photo opportunities are, and even offer guidance on how to set up your camera. All this, and you were able to arrange both experiences, seamlessly, in one easy step.

People who are in reasonably good health are usually able to manage Lower Antelope Canyon. Parties with babies or pre-K children, or members with compromised mobility, should reconsider this activity, and probably stick with Upper Antelope Canyon, or an Upper Antelope Canyon + Boat Combo Tour.

Once your Lower Antelope tour is complete, you might head over to nearby Antelope Point Marina to have lunch at the Sandbar Restaurant, take in the views of Lake Powell, stroll amongst the houseboats moored at the floating dock, or pick up a gift for loved ones back home. Want to explore Antelope Canyon even further? Book the Antelope Canyon “Triple Crown,” featuring Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, and an Antelope Canyon waterside boat tour!

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