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Antelope Canyon Tours

Antelope Canyon has become the Bucket List item that visitors to the Grand Canyon area have now put on their “must see” checklist. It is a formation known locally as a “slot canyon.” It resembles a cave without a roof, Antelope Canyon is a dreamlike landscape of other worldy shapes, constantly changing colors and moving shafts of sunlight.

Which Antelope Canyon Tour is Best?

  • Upper Antelope is the original slot canyon where the great photo’s spread the word and which means you will have the authoritative photo’s to post on your Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • Lower Antelope is the more adventurous cave like slot canyon which gives you a more intimate experience and means that you will be able to more closely feel the red canyon walls while in the canyon. 
  • The Antelope Canyon Boat Tour takes you into the Lake Powell tributary of Antelope Canyon which means you are where Antelope Canyon originally poured into the Colorado River that continues to carve Grand Canyon to this day.
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