Grand Canyon Tours: 100% necessary?

It’s been a lively morning on the TripAdvisor Grand Canyon forums, where a poster from the UK asks if taking guided Grand Canyon tours is 100% necessary. Truth be told (and the truth is what you’ll always be told by, no. Hold the wire, aren’t Grand Canyon tours our bread and butter? Yes, but […]

The Grand Canyon Train: the “right track” for your Grand Canyon vacation?

Good morning travelers. Well, it’s been almost 25 years since the Grand Canyon Train (formally known as the Grand Canyon Railway) rebounded from a 20-year dormancy. I was there to witness its rebirth, but that’s a story for another time. Today, in this age of hybrid cars and phones that fire up with a click […]

Grand Canyon Tours from Williams AZ

Good morning travelers. My, this week has certainly been an educational one for yours truly. First I learned that Robert Ripley, of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” fame, was the first person to give the first ever live radio broadcast from the Grand Canyon. And today I learned something a bit new about options for […]

Pet Friendly Grand Canyon Hotels and Other Tips for Traveling With Pets

Good morning, travelers – or shall I say “woof?” Today’s Grand Canyon vacation  planning question revolves around Grand Canyon hotels, in particular, are any of them pet-friendly? ‘sativabaker’ writes: I’m headed to the Grand Canyon last minute on my way to San Diego. Where should I stay? Flagstaff? I’m a 21 year old female going […]

I am planning a tour with my mom and my son to the Grand Canyon.

April 10, 2012 (19:33:21)  Visitor – Yes, Hi…I am planing a tour with my mom and my son to the Grand Canyon. I am looking at your best deals. (19:33:56)  Visitor – I am planning in spending the night in Williams, Arizona and go to the canyon the next morning. (19:33:57)  Alley – Are you […]