Lake Powell Arizona – you want to go (though you may not know)!

OK that title is probably making yall go “huh?” But Lake Powell Arizona is one of those places that many Grand Canyon and Grand Circle vacationers seem to discover  as an afterthought, some by fortunate accident, like TripAdvisor poster “CTDredge” did: We are flying into Vegas on a Friday, check out on Sunday morning and have flights […]

Grand Canyon North Rim: It’s A Different World!

OK, so you might have heard a few horror stories about Grand Canyon South Rim: it’s hot and crowded in the summertime… hotels booked to the rafters a year in advance… Mule rides? Forget about it! Not only was the Plateau Point ride discontinued, the daily quota for the Phantom Ranch mule ride was slashed […]

Grand Canyon Vacation Planning: Your Biggest Challenge

Good morning travelers. Today’s TripAdvisor forum thread has to do with what is probably the biggest challenge for people planning a Grand Canyon vacation.   To sum it up, it’s “so much to see, so little time!” OP ‘Alex D’ writes: I’m starting to plan a trip for my family to the Grand Canyon area […]