Are you a real person?

April 27, 2012 – conversation with a Visitor to GrandCanyon.com: (16:20:13)  Visitor –  Are you a real person? (16:20:27)  Rita – Yes I am.  How can I help you? (16:22:54)  Visitor – We are looking at visiting the Grand Canyon this July. We will have 6 people and would like to fly in somewhere, rent a large vehicle […]

Yet Another Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Question

The OP (Original Poster) on TripAdvisor said it, not me: he’s asking “yet another Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Question!” They get asked those questions on TripAdvisor a lot, certainly. Why? Because if you’re going to Las Vegas anyway, you’re so close to the Grand Canyon that you’d almost be a fool not to go. […]

The Las Vegas Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour: to ‘Heli’ and back?

Morning travelers ~ Right now at the Grand Canyon it’s a brisk 50 degrees – aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! But soon, overnight temperatures are going to start dipping down into the 40’s, so hope you have at least a light jacket for those sunrise walks like we talked about in our last post. Today’s post piggy-backs on a […]

I’m looking for a tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon in June

May 1, 2012 – while visiting https://grandcanyon.com/lasgcnbus.html on GrandCanyon.com, a visitor asked: Visitor – Hi, i’m looking for a tour from las vegas to grand Canyon in June. I’m just wondering how ‘s the weather in June at Grand Canyon..Is it too hot like Las Vegas? Rita – The Grand Canyon South Rim will be cooler because […]