Annual Flooding of Grand Canyon

Flooding the Grand Canyon

Release Scheduled for 2014 If you will be in the East Rim area during the next couple of days (November 11 to 13th) you may be able to witness the release of water from Glen Canyon Dam that will flood the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River.  Flooding began yesterday.  Water has been released during November […]

What Is Grand Canyon East?

Grand Canyon East Rim Defined The Grand Canyon is essentially a huge rift in the earth extending about 277 miles (446 kilometers) from east to west.  Grand Canyon East is NOT a definition used by the National Park Service.  It is a definition used by local people to mark the area where a number of […]

Trip Report: Las Vegas to Lake Powell and Back in 1 Day!

Good morning travelers! This weekend we received an e-mail from a customer who sought out our advice on visiting Lake Powell from Las Vegas. Normally, we’d be all for that, but this particular gent only had one day to work with. I desperately tried to talk him out of it – after all, it takes […]