Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

I have learned a new word!  I guess it has probably been around awhile and I have no idea who “coined” it but the word is “braincation”.  The writer of the article I read, Wendy Rubicam, proclaimed that Grand Canyon white water rafting is the best way to take a braincation.  This is because you can […]

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting for Sedona visitors

Good morning travelers ~ Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a “grand” one! Today on TripAdvisor a Sedona visitor is inquiring about his family’s options for enjoying some Grand Canyon white water rafting. “EurOpeO6” writes: Hello experts-my family will be in Sedona for a week starting August 3rd. We have kids ranging from […]

Grand Canyon White Water rafting – Getting to the bottom in 2012!

Rafting in the Grand Canyon embeds a deep memory in a meaningful place! I gotta tell ya…White Water Rafting is my preferred way to experience this incredible place! I absolutely love it every time I am able to have this experience. Please watch this video as it was recently posted by Grand Canyon Whitewater. I […]