The Road to Grand Canyon West

Road to Skywalk is paved! Have you heard that the road to Grand Canyon West where the Skywalk is located is not paved?  People chatting with me frequently have been told that the road is to be avoided because of the damage to cars.  I happily respond that the road is completely paved!  But it hasn’t […]

Need To Know – Grand Canyon West

Location & Directions | Open & Close | Entrance Packages & Parking Please note that paving of the road to Grand Canyon West is complete.  Location & Directions: Grand Canyon West is located in northwest corner of Arizona and can be accessed by car, helicopter and plane. This area of the canyon is privately owned and […]

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus With Skywalk

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour with Skywalk - Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours

Are you visiting Las Vegas and planning to include a tour to the Grand Canyon but prefer not to travel by air? This tour will take you to Grand Canyon West which is Hualapai Tribal Lands – home of the world renowned Skywalk. There you will be able to visit Hualapai Ranch as well as some Grand Canyon View areas. This will be a day well-spent!

How long from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim?

Alley: About 2.5 hours Visitor: So would it be closer from Hoover Dam? Everywhere I look it states 4-5 hours. Alley: Slightly – Hoover Dam is about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas. That 4-5 hour figure you’ve seen refers to Grand Canyon South Rim, the National Park which is a totally separate area from Grand […]