Wondering what kind of weather the Canyon has at that time of year.

April 12, 2012 – while Visiting the Grand Canyon Weather page. Visitor – We are coming to the Grand Canyon the first week of May. Wondering what kind of weather the Canyon has at that time of year. Any recommendations on tours of the Grand Canyon??? Sandy – Usually the weather is very good the first […]

Rainy Weather at Grand Canyon

This is considered the monsoon season at the Grand Canyon.  Heavy rains lead to flash flooding which can lead to all sorts of problems with your vacation if you arrive on a “monsoon” day.   If you are hiking into the inner canyon you will want to check with the Back Country Office before beginning […]

Grand Canyon Weather: Four Seasons, Four Different Impressions

Good morning travelers! Hope your Grand Canyon trips planning is going well and that you’re using not only our website, but the many others at your disposal. Today’s big question on the most popular of these sites, TripAdvisor has to do with Grand Canyon weather, particularly in April. Original poster (aka “OP” in TripAdvisor lingo) […]

Rock Fall in Grand Canyon

I usually spend the first few minutes of my work day checking my Grand Canyon Alerts on email.  Today I was saddened to read that a hiker had been injured in a rock fall in a location known as “the box” near the North Rim.  In March of 2011, two hikers were  injured in a rock fall […]

Grand Canyon Travel Season: It Ain’t Over Yet!

Good morning travelers ~ Today’s post doesn’t come from the pages of TripAdvisor or other travel forums, it comes straight from you – well sort of. Working the phones of late at GrandCanyon.com I’ve heard a common refrain from Grand Canyon travel planners: “Whaddya mean it’s still busy? It’s after Labor Day! Isn’t it supposed […]