Grand Canyon Tours from Tucson AZ

Frankie Valli described it best: “so close and yet so far!” I was presented with this particular challenge by a caller the other day. She was staying in Tucson, had one free day and wanted to tour Grand Canyon. But here was the problem: she wouldn’t have access to the family car. If memory serves, […]

…and the train kept a-rollin’: the Grand Canyon Train

Reading that last post (The Grand Canyon Train: the “right track” for your Grand Canyon vacation”), I though to myself, “hmm, it’s almost as though you’re trying to talk people out of taking the Grand Canyon Railway.” Nothing could be further from the truth! But after 25+ years in the Grand Canyon tour industry, I’ve […]

We’re planning a trip to see the Grand Canyon.

Visitor: We’re planning a trip to see the Grand Canyon. We’re flying into Las Vegas and plan to rent a car. I’m scouting out things to do and how to get there. We’re not interested in taking a bus, but would probably be interested in taking tours once we get there. Alley: Hi sorry for […]

Lake Powell Arizona – you want to go (though you may not know)!

OK that title is probably making yall go “huh?” But Lake Powell Arizona is one of those places that many Grand Canyon and Grand Circle vacationers seem to discover  as an afterthought, some by fortunate accident, like TripAdvisor poster “CTDredge” did: We are flying into Vegas on a Friday, check out on Sunday morning and have flights […]

Never been out to the Grand Canyon, etc.

Visitor: Just starting a search for a last minute vacation that starts in Las Vegas. Never been out to the Grand Canyon, etc. Alley: Hi thanks for stopping by. Did you wish to drive to the park and stay overnight or take a day trip from Las Vegas? Visitor: Drive to and stay overnight so […]