Grand Canyon South Rim Lodging: the Fantasy and the Reality

Imagine sitting on a hotel balcony at Grand Canyon South Rim sipping your favorite beverage. Before you in all its glory gapes the one and only Grand Canyon! All this beauty is making you hungry, so you leave behind your lovely Grand Canyon view and adjourn to your room and cook a little something in […]

We need a place to stay overnight at the Grand Canyon – least expensive.

April 17, 2012 while visiting Visitor – We are in Mesa, Arizona and we want to drive to the Grand Cayon (leave early morning) and spend the night there to see as much as possible in two days – returning on day 2. We need a place to stay overnight – least expensive. Visitor […]

Grand Canyon Hotels: Heaven Help the Picky!

Good morning everyone. Or should I say “here we go again.” Several threads have popped up on TripAdvisor about Grand Canyon hotels, both in park and out of park. Apparently a lot of unfavorable reviews have been posted of late and that has some potential Grand Canyon visitors spooked, such as poster “kylaroy,” who writes: […]

Grand Canyon Hotels: Which One’s the Newest?

Good morning, travelers. Today’s entry comes straight off our chat line where a Grand Canyon vacation planner asked specifically about which Grand Canyon hotels were the newest. Grand Canyon lodging, particularly that of Grand Canyon South Rim, is grouped into two locations: Grand Canyon Park Village, which as the name suggests is inside the […]

Pet Friendly Grand Canyon Hotels and Other Tips for Traveling With Pets

Good morning, travelers – or shall I say “woof?” Today’s Grand Canyon vacation ¬†planning question revolves around Grand Canyon hotels, in particular, are any of them pet-friendly? ‘sativabaker’ writes: I’m headed to the Grand Canyon last minute on my way to San Diego. Where should I stay? Flagstaff? I’m a 21 year old female going […]