Rock Fall in Grand Canyon

I usually spend the first few minutes of my work day checking my Grand Canyon Alerts on email.  Today I was saddened to read that a hiker had been injured in a rock fall in a location known as “the box” near the North Rim.  In March of 2011, two hikers were  injured in a rock fall […]

We would like to know what can be the best route to do in two days

May 2, 2012 – a conversation with a Visitor on Visitor – Hi. We are visiting Grand Canyon next week and we would like to know what can be the best route to do in two days, where to enter the park by. Rita – Well, where are you coming from? Visitor – From […]

Google’s Cameras Are Mapping Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

In the future your Grand Canyon hiking experience will be enhanced by Google Maps before arriving here.  The search giant, Google, has now brought its all-seeing eyes for the first time on a backpack into the Grand Canyon. The latest technology in mapping uses a rosette of cameras to photograph these trails. With a click […]

The Value of a Week in the Grand Canyon

  What is a week in the Grand Canyon worth? I know that, for me, it’s value is un-estimatable (if that’s a word) because I have spent so much time there. Also, I spend many hours and days answering questions about the Grand Canyon…so it’s simply become a part of who I am and what […]