Grand Canyon Tours from Tucson AZ

Frankie Valli described it best: “so close and yet so far!” I was presented with this particular challenge by a caller the other day. She was staying in Tucson, had one free day and wanted to tour Grand Canyon. But here was the problem: she wouldn’t have access to the family car. If memory serves, […]

Do you want an airtour or would you rather ride the bus?

April 17, 2012 while a Visitor was on https://grandcanyon.com/inner-grand-canyon-jeep-tours-south-rim.html Visitor – I would like a tour in Grand Canyon. Visitor – Something I could experience the habits of the Hualalapi tribe. Sandy – At the South Rim or from Las Vegas? Sandy – Ok, The Hualapai Tribe could be visited from Las Vegas. Sandy – Do you […]